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  • Horse Rescue - Start a Successful Sanctuary
    Rescuing horses is unlike rescuing dogs, cats, and other typical pets.  Often, these animals are saved when they are given away for free, or abandoned.   Conversely, horses are often saved from the road to the slaughterhouse or purchased at auctions attended by meat buyers.  The How To Best case, rescue organizations don’t “buy” animals, but […]
  • Pet and Disaster Preparedness
    Hurricanes.  Tornadoes.  Earthquakes.  It could be a snowstorm.  Or a flood.   You've made it through safely, but what about your pets?Follow these tips to make an emergency plan for your pets:1. Microchip your petsMicrochipping is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your pet are reunited if you are separated.  Include at […]
  • Beloved Best Friends - Our Favorite Dogs in Literature
    The kids are back in school.  The days are growing shorter.  Soon, a cold wind will blow and we’ll be spending more time indoors.  Put the remote down; it’s time to pick up a good book and hunker down in a comfy chair.Kids and adults alike love a good story that has a great dog […]

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12-7-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

      TOP NEWS Study finds veterinary sterilization possibly safer than hysterectomy in women By: Veterinary Practice News A "stunning validation of the expertise and skill of spay/neuter veterinarians." Read More KSU researcher protects [...]

11-09-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS Kansas State University expands joint DVM training program with China By: Veterinary Practice News In May, the program graduated four students who are the first government-sponsored Chinese DVM recipients since 1949 [...]

10-25-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    They Ate What?! X-ray Contest 2017 By: Veterinary Practice News They Ate This: Check out the winner, runners-up, and honorable mentions Read More TOP NEWS What do MDs know about zoonoses? Not a [...]

10-12-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS The Affordable Care Act: Still alive and well - for now By: Mark E. Battersby Despite efforts to repeal or replace, veterinarians still need to be aware of health insurance regulations [...]

09-28-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

     Ask about our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE   TOP NEWS Labor union for veterinary workforce makes national push By: Lisa Wogan News of an effort to unionize veterinary employees came up during the Banfield [...]

09-14-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS Dozens of dogs abandoned, left unable to escape as Irma bears down By: Sean Rossman Authorities in south Florida may pursue felony charges against people who abandoned their animals as Hurricane [...]

08-30-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    DIS will be closed September 4th in observance of Labor Day   TOP NEWS CVC renamed, reinvented as Fetch, a dvm360 conference. By: Katie James, dvm360 Associate Content Specialist Veterinary conference presented by [...]

08-09-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS Morris Animal funds veterinary student summer research program By: Jellyce Rothrock The foundation, through this year's Veterinary Student Scholars program, is funding $100,000 for 20 next-generation animal health scientists. Read More [...]

07-27-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS NAVTA Nurse Initiative targets Indiana, Michigan, Ohio for technician name change By: Kristi Reimer Fender, News Channel Director Group hopes to have "registered veterinary nurse" credential adopted in three states by [...]

07-12-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS Death and other client kindnesses By: Jessica Vogelsang, DVM Pet owners need hospice and euthanasia help in your patients' rough moments. Brush up on your client communication and manage these exam [...]

06-14-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS Canadian Vet Caught on Tape For Abuse Faces Cruelty Charges By: Veterinary Practice News Dr. Mahavir Rekhi faces eight counts of causing unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal and eight [...]

06-01-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS Canadian Veterinary Medical Association opposes declawing of cats By: John Cotter, The Canadian Press The CVMA has said declawing "offers no advantage to the feline" and causes many cats to "suffer [...]

05-04-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS 2017 parasite forecast maps predict uptick in heartworm, Lyme infections By: dvm360.com staff With these two diseases growing both beyond and within their endemic bounds, CAPC hopes veterinarians use the predictions [...]

04-18-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS Bill Would Remove Tax on Vet Med Loan Repayment Program By: Jessica Pineda If taxes are removed from the USDA program, more veterinarians could participate in the program, officials note. Read [...]

04-06-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS How many practices have consolidators eaten? By: dvm360.com staff Here are the most up-to-date numbers we could get on the number of veterinary practices owned by corporate consolidators and practice chains. [...]

03-23-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS Houston veterinarian charged with plot to murder her ex   By: Hannah Wagle, Assistant Content Specialist Valerie McDaniel has been taken into custody after allegedly hiring a hit man to kill [...]

03-01-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    Conference Program | Quick Guide | Educational Program | WVC Connections | WVC Best Bets Why choose a Digital System and not Another Film X-ray System! Is it time to replace your old [...]

02-15-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS What happens to taxes under Trump? By: Tom McFerson, CPA, ABV Everybody will be affected: the well-off as well as the nation's veterinary practice owners and just about every tax-paying American. [...]

02-02-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    TOP NEWS Mars to Buy VCA Clinics, Labs in $9.1 Billion Deal By: Veterinary Practice News Editors Mars Inc. has agreed to acquire VCA Inc., which operates one of North America's largest veterinary [...]

01-12-17 Veterinary E-News Magazine

  TOP NEWS Overtime Pay Rule On Hold By: Veterinary Practice News Editors Some veterinary employees remain exempt from overtime pay, at least for now. Read More Ban on powdered gloves coming Jan. 18 By: [...]

12-08-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

  Year in review: The top 10 veterinary news stories of 2016 By:dvm360.com staff Peruse DVM360's most highly clicked-on headlines from this year-and draw your own conclusions about how the profession fared this year. Read [...]

11-11-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

  CANINE NEWS Types of War Dogs By: uswardogs.org Over the centuries dogs have had many roles with the military, but in modern times specific duties have been defined where dogs can give the best [...]

10-24-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

  One-year license suspension ordered for Kristen Lindsey By: Katie James, dvm360 Associate Content Specialist Veterinarian in bow-killing case will also complete a probation period and required annual CE in animal welfare.Read More Seasonal Photo-Ops: [...]

10-05-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

    Who doeth all things well: Remembering James Herriot By:Hannah Wagle, Assistant Content Specialist Famed veterinary author, who would have been 100 today, is still remembered through his work, his words and the veterinary [...]

09-16-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

  The Last 9/11 Survivor: What My Dog Remembers About That day 15 Years Ago By:Fred, Life with Dogs Time affects everything for this dog Read More Five Tips for Making Your Home Smell Fresh [...]

09-01-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

  September 23: National Dogs in Politics Day By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems Round two of the show jumping lead three out of four American horse-and-rider pairs as they went double Read More ALIVE! Watch as [...]

08-18-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

  U.S. Team Tied for the Lead in Show Jumping at the 2016 Rio Olympics By: Leslie Potter Round two of the show jumping lead three out of four American horse-and-rider pairs as they went [...]

07-28-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

Veterinary Diagnostics Market by Product by Technology by Animal - Global forecast to 2021 Source: ReportBuyer The global veterinary diagnostics market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2016 to [...]

07-14-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

2016 Top AHA Hero Dog Nominees Announced By Adrea Life with Dogs   The names of eight incredible dogs have been announced as the finalists in the 2016 announced in the American Humane Association Hero [...]

06-24-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

Is a Raw Food Diet Right For Your Dog? By Diagnostic Imaging Systems   There certainly seem to be many good reasons to consider a raw diet for dogs - and although the majority of them [...]

06-09-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

June 9, 2016 Medical Marijuana Is Now Available...For Your Pets By Mary Carreon, OC Weekly Study showing the medicinal uses of cannabis is not only good for human.  Read More The Dog Lady of New Delhi [...]

05-03-16 Veterinary E-News Magazine

Uh-Oh...Otitis! By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems What causes ear infections and what can you do about them? Read More Retired Police Dog Survives Run-in With Alligator By: Amy Drew, Life With Dogs Police dog survives an an [...]