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Eva Vet Classic #2 Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors

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EVA Vet, the market-leading filmless digital dental radiography system that produces high resolution, diagnostic quality images. Using patented Active CMOS technology, EVA Vet  Digital Dental X-Ray sensors produce high efficiency, low noise images that are digitized and transmitted to any computer via standard USB port.

EVA Vet’s manufacturing process has been further developed to provide a more robust, stronger sensor than ever before. Relating to the experience in the veterinary industry, EVA Vet is now in its 3rd evolution, to provide enhanced, long lasting performance. A stronger, more secure sensor but with the same, time-tested image quality that EVA Vet has always had and is famous for. Made in the U.S.A.

EVA Vet Features and Benefitsdental x-ray

  • Robust design made to withstand the rigors of the veterinary environment
  • DICOM options
  • Superior Image Quality and Clarity
  • Cost Savings (no more Film, Mounts, Chemistry, Time, Floor Space, Maintenance, Filing)
  • Fast ROI
  • Environmentally Friendly (no film or chemicals)
  • Simple to useevavet digital dental sensor
  • Immediate communication with insurance companies and referring doctors
  • The experience of over 2500 installations
  • ImageWorks Customer Care Program

Digital veterinary imaging

  • Increases revenue for today’s high-tech practice
  • Requires less labor and anesthesia time
  • Safer for the animal because of reduced x-ray exposuredigital dental x-ray
  • Increases patient throughput with decreased exposure to image time

ViewAll Vet

ViewAll is a unified software application, suitable for acquiring and viewing dental images. Meeting the Veterinary DICOM 3.0 standard, ViewAll has a tabbed interface for easy navigation. ViewAll is the solution for veterinary users who want the ease of one software platform for veterinary digital dental. ViewAll is currently available with the EVA Vet Digital Dental Sensor, or as an independent software platform.

Download ViewAll Vet version 2.4

Each EVA Vet System includes:

EVA-Vet Size #2
EVA-Vet Size #1
Part number99924103009992410400
Active area1″ x 1.4″ (25.8 x 36 mm)
0.8″ x 1.2″ (20 x 30 mm)
Capsule dimensions32 mm x 47 mm x 6.4 mm
27 mm x 40 mm x 6.4 mm
Image size (unpacked)2.1 Mb1.3 Mb
Sensor type
Active Column MOS
Gray shades
4096 (12 bits)
Optical imager resolution
16.7 lp/mm
Pixel size
30 µm x 30 µm
Sensor cable length
2 m (~6′)
Power supply
USB powered device – no external power supply needed
Shipping weight
Approximately 5 lbs.
3 Years Parts and Factory Service (US and Canada)
Safety certificationsCSA (US and Canada), CE, IEC 60601-1-2
Recommended computer requirements*• Recommended Computer Specifications for use with EVA   sensors and ViewAll:
• Operation System – Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
• Intel Core i-7 Processor
• RAM – 4+ GB
• USB 2.0 PORT
• DVD-RW Drive
• Hard Drive – 250+ GB
• High Quality Monitor
• Graphics Card – 512 MB
Minimum computer requirements*• Minimum system specifications Win XP for ProImage and EVA to function:
• Operation System – Microsoft Windows XP (Home or      Professional) 32-bit with Service Packs installed or Vista    32 Ultimate or Business.
• Processor – Pentium 4 @ 1.5GHz (or equivalent)
• RAM – 1 GB
• USB 2.0 PORT1
• CD Rom Drive
• Hard Drive – 160 GB [based on image storage space for  5,000 images = 10 GB (Estimate)]
• High Quality Display (Flat Panel or CRT)
• LCD Monitor with 800:1 Contrast Ratio and 0.255 dot  pitch
• Minimum resolution of 1024×768 @ 32 bits color depth.