Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Inc. (DIS)
has been a leader in digital radiography equipment for veterinary
practices for over 30 years. DIS sells and services, among many other
products, DR Flat Panels, CR Systems, multi-ccd detectors and portable x-ray generators.
In 2013, the company saw an increase in market share for their ULTRA HF
line of portable x-ray units over any other year in its history. 

x-ray units have always been necessary for equine practitioners,”
explains DIS President Joe Hecker. “But now we’re seeing small animal
practices realize the benefits of having a portable x-ray unit and
mobile table over a stationary system.” 

On average, a DIS ULTRA HF Portable X-Ray Unit, with mobile exam table,
costs half the price of a stationary system. It also gives the
flexibility to remove the portable unit and take it into surgery, or
wheel it in with the Versa-View All-in-One System, or in the field. 

Mr. Hecker further explains, “There has
been a misconception about the quality of radiographs that a portable
unit produces compared to a 300mA stationary system. Because our
120kV/40mA portable x-ray unit is high-frequency and can be lowered to a
standard 30-inches on our Versa-View Mobile Exam Table, you will
receive the same penetrating power as a stationary system, with a lower
dose and lower scatter radiation.” 

The two most popular portable x-ray units from DIS are the ULTRA 9030HF and ULTRA 12040HF.
The 9030HF is recommended for equine practitioners as it only weighs 16
lbs, while the 12040HF is recommended for small and mixed animal
practices. The 9030HF operates on the weakest of line power sources.
This fantastic unit will automatically adjust and produce a calibrated
output on only 83 volts and 5 amps of line power.

The 12040HF only weighs 25 lbs and is the most powerful portable x-ray
unit for veterinary use on the market. It has become a favorite among
equine practitioners who need the extra power for stifles. Both units
are available with the industry’s first and only 5-year Hot Swap