Forget the
need to have film and chemicals, and eliminate the wear and tear associated
with CR plates. Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Inc. (DIS) introduces the 8×10 vDRHG, an affordable direct radiography detector with amazing image quality.
The 8×10 vDR
HG produces quality images, has no maintenance costs, is easy and inexpensive
to repair, has a faster acquisition than CR, comes with a 2 year warranty and
only costs $19,995! (special introductory
“For the equine practitioner, speed, convenience,
and image quality are everything,” states DIS President Joe Hecker. “Direct Radiography is the best way to go if you’re an equine veterinarian, but DR Flat
Panels are still very expensive and if it breaks, then you have a very costly
repair or a more probable replacement. The 8×10 vDR HG offers DR to those that
didn’t think they could afford it, without compromising on image quality.”
The vDR HG applies a multi-ccd detector method
with the maximum of 192 widely versatile highly-sensitive CCD sensors, accomplishing
a high quality DR system at a minimal cost. If damage were to occur to the
detector, the sensors could easily and inexpensively be replaced, saving the
veterinarian thousands of dollars when compared to flat panels. And unlike CR
systems, there are no cassettes, or plates, the detector sends images directly
to the computer within seconds.
For a limited time, DIS is offering the 8×10
vDR HG at a special introductory price of only $19,995, which includes computer
and software. Veterinarians can make it a complete system package by adding an
industry-leading Ultra-Light, Ultra-Powerful, Ultra-High Frequency PortableX-Ray Unit for only $5,995, which comes standard with a 3-year Hot Swap
Warranty-5 year available for a minimal cost.