By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

What causes ear infections and what can you do about them? Read More

Retired Police Dog Survives Run-in With Alligator

By: Amy Drew, Life With Dogs

Police dog survives an an attack from an alligator in Florida. Read More

Mena mutts? Dog IQ tests reveal canine ‘general intelligence’
By: London School of Economics (LSE), Science Daily
New research suggest that dogs has measurable IQs just like people.
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Tails Tell All
By: Lynn Hayner, Dog Channel

What dogs’ tails tell you. Read More

Are You a Cat Magnet? Would You Like to Learn to Be One?
By: Marilyn Krieger, catster.com

Some cats are just drawn to strangers.Read More

International Push Begun To Save Mysterious “Ghost Cat”
By: Samme, Life With Cats

The least studied small cats in the wild are Pallas’s or Manul cat. Read More

Cat Survives 8 Days In Box After Owner Accidentally Mails Her Across England
By: Huffington Post

Lady accidentally mails her cat to England. Read More

Why the long face? Horses recognize human emotions, says study
By: Sheena McKenzie CNN

Horses can distinguish between happy and angry facial expressions on humans, a new study has shown for the first time. Read More

How Can I Tell if My Horse is in Pain?
By: Nancy Diehl, The Horse

Signs to watch for when your horse is in pain. Read More

7 Grooming Secrets
By: Elizabeth Moyer, Horse Channel

Tips and techniques to use to groom your horse. Read More

99-Year-Old Woman Wakes to Find Exotic Animal on Her Chest
By: NBC6, South Florida

Florida woman wakes up finds Banana the Kinkajou on top of her chest. Read More

Wild Obesession
By: Lauren Slater, National Geographic

Why people are attracted to owning exotic pets. Read More

New Hope for People and Pets affected by Domestic Violence
By: Steve Dale, CABC

Help for pets experiencing domestic Violence. Read More

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