June 9, 2016

Medical Marijuana Is Now Available…For Your Pets
By Mary Carreon, OC Weekly
Study showing the medicinal uses of cannabis is not only good for human. 
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The Dog Lady of New Delhi Feeds 400 Dogs a Day

By: Fred, Life With Dogs

A good Samaritan feeds and bathes stray dogs who live in the streets.
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This Puppy Sitting in a Watermelon Is Having the Time Of His Life
By Ryan Barrell,The Huffington Post


Watch this cute video of a puppy enjoying watermelon.

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How to Tame Catzillas:  Human directed aggression in our fury feline friends
By Wayne L. Hunthausen, DVM360


Steps to lessen anxiety in cats and what you can do about it.
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By Diagnostic Imaging Systems


While it is true that most cats will vomit occasionally as a result of ingested hair, it should not be happening often.

Coming Soon…The LICKI Brush
By Adrea, Life with Cats


This is the ultimate bonding experience you will have with your cat.

Vets Can Diagnose Chronic Kidney Disease Earlier in Cats
By Steve Dale, Life With Cats


Vets can now detect loss of kidney function in cats with a new test available.
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Chia or Flax:  Which is Better for My Horse?
By Clair Thunes, PhD, The Horse


Flax or linseed meal, the end product after fat extraction, has long been used in livestock feeds as a protein source. 
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Fitness Trackers for Equestrians
By Susan Friedland-Smith, Horse Channel


Fitness trackers are now available to riders in the saddle.

Fashion Month:  Top 10 Horse Show Fashion Trends for 2016
By Morgan Mccarthy Warda, GoHorseShow.com


What’s trending in horse show fashion. 
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A veterinary C-section by the sea
By Mike Paul, DVM, DVM360


You have GOAT to be Kiddding. 
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Hope On The Wing:  Aloha Flights Save Lives
By Samme Life With Cats TV


The Oklahoma Humane Society gives Hawaiian cats and dogs another chance at life. 
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Spot the Abnormalities!
By Phil Zeltzman, Veterinary Practice News


Can you spot all the issues in Veterinary Practice News monthly brain teaser?

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Cincinnati Zoo Kills 400-Pound Gorilla to Rescue Trapped Toddler
By: Nightly News with Lester Holt


The Cincinnati Zoo Kills Gorilla to save toddlers life. 
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‘We’d make the same decision,’ zoo director says of gorilla shooting
Madison Park, Emanuella Grinberg and Tiffany AP, CNN



Zookeepers who shot and killed 450 pound gorilla in order to save 3-year-old say they would do it again

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Outrage grows after gorilla Harambe shot dead Cincinnati zoo
By Elisha Fieldstadt and Tim Stelloh, NBC News


Killing of Harambe the gorilla who was shot dead, mourners wants justice for him. 
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Texas Zookeeper Who Raised Killed Gorilla From Birth Mourns His Death
By Catherine Thorbecke, ABC News


A zookeeper is mourning gorillas’ death after being shot to save child. 
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Beware the Rise of Ransomware
By: Kim Boatman


Ways to Identify ransomware. 
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Ransomware:  How to Stay Safe
By:  John Paul Power


Tips to learn how not to become a victim to Ransomware. 
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