Is a Raw Food Diet Right For Your Dog?

By Diagnostic Imaging Systems  
There certainly seem to be many good reasons to consider a raw diet for dogs – and although the majority of them are to the dogs’ benefit, there are some ‘pluses’ for you too! 
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Happy Dance:  Rescue Dog Goes Bonkers Over Self-Fetch Toy
By Amy Drew, Life With Dogs  
An Enthusiastic Dog goes bonkers over this self-fetch toy. 
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Dog Suffers Heat Stroke on Hike

By Marin Austin, NBC Los Angeles

They were unsure if the dog would make it
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Photos Of the Taiwan Pet Salon Sculpting Wild and Weird Designs
By The Huffington Post


Check out these cool designs.

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Beating Boredom- Your Cat & Dog Will Thank You
By Diagnostic Imaging Systems


Many pet owners believe that they don’t spend enough time with their pets. Fido and Fluffy get bored; you want to make things right but don’t know how to fix the problem. 
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Cat returned to family three years after going missing
By Matt Payton


Ollie returns after missing for three years.
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By Paige, Life With Cats


This cat loves the water

veterinary ultrasounds

‘Berxit’ Debate Even Divides Cats (and Dogs) On Twitter
By Iliana Magra and Christopher Mele, The New York Times


Debate about whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union

The Other 3 R Factors
By Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, LFACHE


The current veterinary periodicals have displayed many concerns for the “R” factors: respect, responsibility, and recognition. 
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Glitter Done Shines in the Las Vegas Mercuria Open
By Hannah Harrel, Quarter Horse News


This opening ceremony helped to honor U.S. war Veterans. 
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Dealing With a Scary-Sounding Dental Disease


Wendy Krebs, DVM the Horse


Equine odontoclastic tooth resporption and hypercementosis, sounds scarey.

Fresh-Baled Hay for Horses
By Kentucky Equine Research Staff


A look at fresh-baled hay for horses. 
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Exotic pet trade sends Florida bird rescues soaring
By Kerry Sheridan


Some of the most exotic animals fly in and out of the Pelican Harbor Seabird in Miami, Florida. 
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Thief steals snakes worth $18K from exotic pet store
By Erin Murray, WOWT 6 News 


Snakes were stolen from a pet store worth $18K. 
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Rescuers Arrive At ‘Worst Zoo In The World’


By Sarah V Schweig, The Dodo


Rescuers are not giving up on these 15 animals left at a zoo in Khan Younis

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