I have used several different types of clippers and blades in my Vet Tech years, but I have also been a dog and cat groomer for over 12 years. I have seen a lot of people improperly clean and store clippers and blades. I do know that I have had to break my own rules a few times in the Veterinary profession because of what you have to shave. i.e. open wounds, fractures, abscesses, etc.

The big one I have seen a lot of is rinsing the blade and clipper under water. Water based items are never to be used on clippers and blades. Water equals rust and rust equals dull blades and damage to clippers. This is the rule I have had to break a few times to properly disinfect after some instances, but another rule of thumb is to keep your surgery blades and clippers separate from the ones you would use for shaving bloody or infected areas. I would recommend having some Blade Wash in the clinic to use. This will help lubricate them and help keep rust down. Of course, blade wash should be used on EVERY blade but more frequently with the blades rinsed/disinfected with water.

Another thing I see is wrapping the power cord around the clipper, doing this can damage the cord especially where the cord and clipper meet. The best way to store the cord is to fold it accordion style and store. You can use a twist-tie or rubber band to hold it if needed.

Lastly, make sure to clean the blades and clippers after each use. Most clippers come with a small brush to use but you may also use a soft toothbrush to clean all the hair and debris from the blades and clippers. At the end of each use it is always good practice to spray the blades with a clipper disinfectant to kill anything left behind. But you have to be careful! There are clipper sprays that DO NOT have a disinfectant in them. I prefer Andis CoolCare but there are many great products out there just make sure it says it’s a disinfectant.

There are several other issues that aren’t as crucial to the basic operations, but these few steps will help prolong the life of your clippers and blades.