We all know how to bandage declaws, but in my experiences this little trick has cut down on post-op bleeding and makes the bandages easier to remove.

Items you will need:

4 – 4×4 gauze pads
1 – Roll of Vet wrap
1 – Latex exam glove

I set everything up prior to surgery and have it all ready to go. I unfold the 4x4s and make a “plus sign” out of them, using 2 for each paw. Then cut 2 of the fingers off of the glove, one for each paw. When wrapping, I leave the tourniquet on until I have placed the glove over it. First wrap the 4×4’s over the paw and apply the glove over the 4x4s. This may take some practice to be able to do it yourself. Remove tourniquet and wrap with Vet wrap as you normally would.