Shipping to and from Canada means moving freight across an international border. Though the process is very standard, there are some special considerations and documentation needed to make sure your shipment makes it through customs to its destination.

Here are a few of the unique aspects to remember in order to ensure seamless delivery when shipping to and from Canada:

All shipments to and from Canada must utilize a customs broker. The customs broker is responsible for clearing goods into another country and navigating the customs protocol. Many businesses that frequently ship freight or small packages into Canada have a customs broker. Diagnostic Imaging Systems Inc. regularly works with whomever the client has a relationship with or for small package shipping Ups and Fed Ex work very well, Ups and Fed EX are experts in Canadian and US customs brokerage.

Additional documents are required. When shipping from the US to Canada, in addition to the bill of lading, you may need a Canadian Customs Invoice (CCI), or certificate of origin. When shipping from Canada to the US, the shipment should be accompanied by a bill of lading and a Commercial Invoice.

There must be a value for the shipment indicated on the Commercial Invoice. It’s important to know the overall value of your freight and clearly display it on the customs documents because the freight’s value is verified at the border. The declared value is used to determine import taxes.

Fees are paid by the receiver. Unless specifically stated, all brokerage fees, duties and taxes are paid by the receiver of the freight.

Canadian Postal Code format is unique. Canadian postal codes follow a six digit letter, number rotation pattern. Example: A1B2C3

If you have concerns regarding shipments to or from Canada to the USA feel free to contact Rod at 605-341-2433