Veterinary Diagnostics Market by Product by Technology by Animal – Global forecast to 2021

Source: ReportBuyer

The global veterinary diagnostics market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2016 to 2021, to reach USD 6.71 billion by 2021 from USD 4.43 billion in 2016.

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AAHA publishes guidelines on managing cancer in dogs and cats

By: staff

The new oncology guidelines will help ensure veterinary patients benefit from the correct diagnosis and optimal treatment to maintain the best quality of life possible.

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Rare human disease found in dogs

Source: Michigan State University

A rare, severe form of pulmonary hypertension, which up until now, has only been classified as a human lung disease, has also been discovered in dogs according to an American study.

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Scientists test nanoparticle drug delivery in dogs with osteosarcoma

Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

An engineer teamed up with a veterinarian to test a bone cancer drug delivery system in animals bigger than the standard animal model, the mouse. They chose dogs — mammals closer in size and biology to humans — with naturally occurring bone cancers, which also are a lot like human bone tumors.

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Nineteen-Year-Old Woman Facing Felony Animal Cruelty Charges for Dog’s Death

By: Fred – Life with Dogs

Megan Kurtz-Campbell faces felony cruelty to animals charges after leaving her dog to die in a hot car, in a PetSmart parking lot in Virginia!

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DVMs encouraged to fight for ferals Oct. 16

By: staff

National Feral Cat Day is only possible with the help of veterinarians and veterinary technicians helping community cats and trap-neuter-return programs nationwide, according to Alley Cat Allies.

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Cat Scratch Fever: Everything You and Your Cat Need to Know

By: Rachel Nall RN BSN CCRN

Learn all about cat scratch fever, an infection that can occur when someone is bitten, licked, or scratched by a cat infected by B. henselae bacteria.

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Behavior Experiment: How Long Until My Aloof Cat Acknowledges My Presence?

By: Angie Bailey

I asked my cat Cosmo a series of questions to gauge the point when he’d react. Science!

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Spirit Equine Digital X-ray DR flat panel

Wild Horse vs. Domestic Horse – Less Difference Than You Think

By:Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Wild horses are, simply HORSES. In many ways they are just like any other horse. There are some important differences, however.

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UC Davis equine veterinarians warn of Pistacia poisonings staff

Leaves and seeds of pistachio-related genus can cause hemolytic anemia, death in horses.

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Study has implications for treatment of sarcoid tumors in horses and human cancers

By: staff

Immune system, genetic link may explain why some horses develop tumors and others don’t-similar to human papillomavirus.

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New Insight on How Surfaces Impact Horses’ Limbs

By: Christa Lestè-Lasserre, MA

Researchers found that hard surfaces, shallow footing depths, and compacted footing could increase horses’ injury risk.

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DVM Resource Center

Kansas Vet College Partners with Tanzanian University

By: Veterinary Practice News Editors

Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Sokoine University of Agriculture Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Tanzania have established a twinning partnership through a program administered by the World Organization for Animal Health.

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Pet Pig Arthritis

By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

You probably didn’t know that arthritis strikes most pigs when they hit their senior years. Maybe it’s genetics, likely it’s their love of all-things food. As in humans, it is a painful and disabling condition that may prove fatal.

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Prescription writing mandate is unnecessary for veterinarians


The so-called Fairness to Pet Owners Act would require veterinarians to give written copies of every prescription for companion animals, whether or not a client requests it.

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Veterinarians Need Access to Compounding


The FDA has drafted new guidance outlining bulk-compounding activities that are less likely to trigger FDA enforcement, including plans to create a “positive” list of ingredients largely geared toward office-use purposes.

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