September 23: National Dogs in Politics Day

By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Round two of the show jumping lead three out of four American horse-and-rider pairs as they went double
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ALIVE! Watch as an Italian Search Dog Finds Little Girl Amid the Quake Rubble
By: Amy Drew, Life with Dogs

Rescue dog finds an 11-year-old girl who is trapped under collapsed buildings from the earthquake in Italy
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Pup Pinned to Railroad Tracks Has New Leg Up on Life
By: Adrea, Life with Dogs

A puppy left to die on railroad tracks has a new chance at life
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Luckiest dog in the world just keeps running after rally car jumps over it
By: James Dator

Dog in Bolivia was in the wrong but right place at the wrong but right time
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Attacked in the Woods…by Kittens
By: Adrea, Life with Cats

You just can’t leave these cuties in the woods
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5 Reasons Why My Cat Would Take Me to Small Claims Court
By: Angie Bailey, Catster

What would your cat take you to small claims court for?
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Spot-On Video Sums Up The Wildly Different Lives Of Cat And Dog Owners
By: Lee Moran, Huffington Post

Do you “prefur” a cat or a dog?
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Is Selenium Deficiency Deadly to Horses?
By: Erica Larson, The Horse

Selenium in horses
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Billy goat helps nearly 1-ton horse escape pen in California for days
By: CBS News

1,900 lb. Clydesdale horse goes on the loose for 5 days after Billy goat helps him escape
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First-Aid for Laminitis
By: Toni McAllister, The Horse Channel

First-aid tips for a horse’ chance of surviving lamintis
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Turtle Burger Anyone???
By: Lurie Kay Olson

Guy tries to get away with taking his turtle on a plane in a form of a burger
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Top 10 Exotic Pets You Can Legally Own

Here is a list of tem different exotic pets that you may own
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California bans use of bullhooks in handling captive elephants
By: Naseem Amini,

New law goes into effect protecting elephants in California
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Workaholic or Work Enthusiast
By: Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, LFACHE

You must have courage to take a long-term perspective on your life and recognize that it is your family and interpersonal relationships that will sustain you over the years.
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