The Last 9/11 Survivor: What My Dog Remembers About That day 15 Years Ago

By:Fred, Life with Dogs

Time affects everything for this dog

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Five Tips for Making Your Home Smell Fresh


Make your home smell fresh with these five tips

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SEE IT: Ohio dog devours Starbucks ‘puppuccino’ in drive-through lane

By: Brian Lisi, NY Daily News

This dog loves his Starbucks coffee

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Happy Kids-Happy Pets

By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

“Written” by dogs and cats to teach children how to take care of pets, and make a difference in children’s and animals lives. Get yours today.

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Make Tuna Popsicles for Your Cat With This Recipe


How to make tuna popsicles your cat dreams about

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vv100 feline exam table

Are cat cafes good for cats?

By: Claire Bates, BBC News Magazine

A closer look into cat cafes

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WATCH: Proof That Dogs Know Nothing About Bird Watching

By: Amy Jamieson

These bird watching cats get a surprise

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Spirit Equine Digital X-ray DR flat panel

Meet the Horses of the Marker’s Mark Secretariat Center

By: Susanna Thomas,

New careers and homes are in the future for these Thoroughbreds

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Equine Nutrition Survey for South Dakota Horse Owners

By: Edited Press Release, The Horse

SDSU is conducted a survey for horse owners in South Dakota

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Tiny Horse Takes On Big Job

By: NBC News

This tiny horse is helping patients heal

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DVM Resource Center

Giant Pandas ‘Still at Risk’ After Change in Status


These pandas are still at risk

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Dangerous Exotic Pets

By: The Humane Society of the United States

List of different exotic pets that are dangerous

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Focus on Companion Animal Dermatology

By: Animal Health SmartBrief

A veterinarian’s perspective on animal dermatology

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