One-year license suspension ordered for Kristen Lindsey

By: Katie James, dvm360 Associate Content Specialist

Veterinarian in bow-killing case will also complete a probation period and required annual CE in animal welfare.
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Seasonal Photo-Ops: These Halloween Dogs Are Killin’ It!
By: Amy Drew, Life with Dogs

Photos of dogs in Halloween costumes
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6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Bond With Your Dog
By: Marybeth Bittel

For dogs who don’t like hugs, try exercise

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Fleas, Fleas, Go Away!
By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Happy Kids-Happy Pets. “Written” by dogs and cats to teach children how to take care of pets, and make a difference in children’s and animals lives. Get yours today.

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Unlocking Canine Memory For A Happier Pet
By: Victoria Stilwell

How dogs remember

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The Cat Pancreas Demystified
By: Dr. Arnold Plotnick

This feline organ is small but yet has a huge importance
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These Adorably Needy Cats Offer The Perfect Respite To Trump’s Toxic Campaign
By: Lee Moran

These cats are a great stress reliever for this political campaign

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New Jersey “mountain lion” identified as a house cat
By: CBS News

House cat or mountain lion?

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Celebrities Who Ride Horses
By: Julia Arnold

10 celebrities who like to ride horses
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Final Champions Crowned at PCCHA Futurity
By: Hannah Harrel

Winners of the Derby Unlimited Amateur finals

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Horse Blanketing FAQs
By: Alexandra Beckstett, the Horse Managing Editor

Common questions and answers of horse blanketing

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Exotic pet owner rails against Ottawa bylaw, argues they’re not dangerous

Woman is angry about new bylaw

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Exotic needs and rewards: Tips from an exotic pet vet
By: Lowcountry Paws

What you need to know before becoming an exotic pet owner

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Reward increased to $20,000 in poaching of gray wolf in Oregon
By: The Human Society of the United States

Gray wolf killed in Oregon, reward increases

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Your Future Veterinary Practice
By: Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, LFACHE

A veterinary practice can no longer “rob Peter to pay Paul” just by selling things and adding gimmicks. The “now” is the time for the veterinary healthcare delivery team!

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