Year in review: The top 10 veterinary news stories of 2016 staff

Peruse DVM360’s most highly clicked-on headlines from this year-and draw your own conclusions about how the profession fared this year.

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Dog Has the Most Incredible “Buddy the Elf” Moment When Her Family Takes Her to Meet Santa

By: Fred, Life with Dogs

Cute little Kya loves her little Santa toy she was given last Christmas. Her family took her to see Santa and get a photo with him this year. Her chainlike reaction is super cute.

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Dogs have episodic memories, like people

By: American Animal Hospital Association

A new study claims that canines can remember events that have happened to them in the past. They have “episodic memories” just like humans do.

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Why dogs tilt their heads and 10 more canine facts

By: Debra Kelly

10 facts about canines

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In Praise of “Crazy Cat People”

By: Jane A. Kelley

Cat lovers are not so crazy at all. They love felines and would do anything for them. So, let’s give crazy cat lovers and hand.

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Cat tongues are even ‘handier’ than you imagined

By: American Institute of Physics

There are small “spines” on a cat’s tongue that are sharp. They help cats to clean themselves. Take a look at what they look like and what they are used for.

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Cat yoga: The mewest exercise trend

By: Jen Christensen, CNN

A yoga instructor has opened a new class in a cat shelter in Marietta, Atlanta. She says that “Cat yoga is good for your soul”.

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Winterizing Horses

By: Nancy S. Loving, DVM

A few extra precautions to take to make your horse ready for this winter weather.

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Don’t deck the stalls with these holiday hazards

By: Lynn Hovda, RPH, DVM, MS, DACVIM Pet Poison Helpline

Be careful to choose your holiday décor around horses. Some of it may be deadly and these are the things you need to be aware of.

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Holiday Gifts Your Horse Will Love

By: Robin Foster

Gifts that only your horse will love include an enrichment toy or an activity. We will explain what enrichment is and the effectiveness it will have on your horse this holiday season.

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Unusual pets that are legal to own


Here are pictures of 18 unusual pets that are legal to own.

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It may be easier to buy exotic animals

By:WTSP-TV Saint Petersburg

Find out how easy it is to buy an exotic animal.

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Open Letters to Recent Grads and Rising Vet Clinicians

By: Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA

“No matter what they tell you before or after you leave school, your value as a veterinarian is not equivalent to the sum total of clinical skills you bring to the table.”

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By: Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, LFACHE

In this first of two articles on radiographic positioning, we provide an overview of the principles and guidelines of radiation safety in the workplace as well as the techniques used to obtain good-quality orthopedic radiographs of the skull, shoulders, and elbows with great efficiency and care for the patient.

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