Overtime Pay Rule On Hold
By: Veterinary Practice News Editors

Some veterinary employees remain exempt from overtime pay, at least for now.
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Ban on powdered gloves coming Jan. 18
By: Edie Lau, VIN

Powdered medical gloves are going the way of powdered wigs. FDA cites numerous health dangers.
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Vets Work to Declare Pet Obesity a Disease

By: Ken Niedziela

Obesity has been declared a disease for humans. Will the veterinary world soon name obesity a disease for pets, too?
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Drug to Treat Canine Lymphoma Gets FDA Approval
By: Veterinary Practice News Editors

Tanovea-CA1, from veterinary cancer therapeutics company VetDC, is expected available to veterinarians in spring 2017.
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Dog stool microbiome predicts canine inflammatory bowel disease
By: University of California San Diego Health Sciences

A pattern of microbes that is indicative of inflammatory bowel disease has been identified in dogs. With more than 90 percent accuracy, the team used that information to predict which dogs had IBD.
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Zoedica Banks on Canine Diarrhea Drugs
By: Veterinary Practice News Editors

Zomedica is seeking the FDA approval of three veterinarian products. A new liquid medication for dogs will help them with diarrhea.
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Drug for heart disease shows promise for cats and humans
By: staff

Novel drug treats hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most common feline heart disease.
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Creating cat-friendly practices, homes, and shelters
By: Katie Burns

More than a thousand practices have been named as being cat friendly, according to the Cat Friendly Practice program. The AAFP is in the process of launching an educational website for cat owners.
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Cat declaw under fire in New Jersey
By: Jennifer Fiala, VIN

A bill that forbids veterinarians from performing feline onychetomy, the medical term for declawing, is under consideration by the state Legislature and is expected to pass despite objections from organized veterinary medicine.
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Pounce on these veterinary scholarship Opportunities

The Winn Feline Foundation and the AAFP are offering two scholarships opportunities for veterinary students. This is a great opportunity for cat lovers.
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International Equine Disease Report, Third Quarter

By: Equine Disease Quarterly

The International Collating Center, in Newmarket, U.K., and other sources reported the following disease outbreaks for the third quarter of 2016.
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Gallop out of the Iron Age
By: staff

Running shoes for horses? Giddy up. Time to kick your iron and nails aside.
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Diseases That Affect Nutrient Delivery in Horses
By: Nancy S. Loving, DVM

Watch for these conditions that impact nutrient absorption and lead to weight loss.
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New equine PET scan program at UC Davis proving successful
By: staff

School one of the first to offer equine PET scans since machine’s arrival in August.
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Deadly snake’s unique paralyzing venom may lead to new pain treatments
By: Catharine Paddock PhD

Newly discovered properties about the venom of a deadly and strikingly beautiful snake – dubbed the “killer of killers” – may lead to new pain treatments for humans.
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Australian Zoo Celebrates First Echidna Births in 30 Years
By: Jeffery Shato

An Echidna from an Australian gives birth to three babies. It has been 30 years since an Echidna has given birth there.
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Humility is a Virtue / Curse
By: Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, LFACHE

Everyone should be humble, but not to the degree that our humility gets in the way of having a deeper experience with our clients about their pet’s welfare.
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Meow + Roar = Hybrid Cats
By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Beautiful, strong and mysterious – just some of the traits driving up the demand for hybrid cat breeds. It’s the closest you’ll get to sharing your home with a lion or tiger; hybrids were developed by crossing a domestic cat breed with a wild cat breed.
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