2017 parasite forecast maps predict uptick in heartworm, Lyme infections

By: staff

With these two diseases growing both beyond and within their endemic bounds, CAPC hopes veterinarians use the predictions to encourage prevention and testing.
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15-mg phenobarbital tablets recalled; pills are actually 30 mg each

By: staff

C.O. Truxton Inc. is voluntarily recalling lot 70952A of 15-mg phenobarbital tablets to the consumer/user level, according to a release from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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Confronting Suicide in the Veterinary Community

By: Lou Anne Wolfe, DVM

How veterinary organizations and schools are working to address this issue.
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Animal welfare groups criticize AVMA depopulation guidelines as inhumane
By: staff

Proposed guidelines apply to large-scale culling of farm animals for disease control purposes.
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Trazodone in Veterinary Medicine

By: Tamara Foss, CVT | ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center | Urbana, Illinois

Trazodone is commonly prescribed in human medicine to treat various disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and is sometimes used in pets as well. Find out what measures are recommended if an animal is accidentally exposed to toxic amounts of trazodone.
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National Purebred Dog Day resolution submitted to Congress
By: staff

Congressmen and veterinarians Ted Yoho, Ralph Abraham and Kurt Schrader seek to highlight the past and present contributions of purpose-bred dogs.
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Raccoon dog represents a more acute risk than raccoon as vector for transmission of local parasites
By: Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien

The raccoon dog, which is more closely related to the fox, was shown to serve as an additional host for local parasites. Like the fox, it represents a risk as a host of zoonotic parasites, such as the fox tapeworm or trichina worms, that are also of relevance for humans.
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How dogs interact with others plays a role in decision-making

By: Canisius College

Dynamics between familiar dogs may influence their likelihood of learning from each other, new research shows. How dogs interact with others plays a big role in how they respond under co
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In-house FeLV and FIV testing: How do the newest screening tests compare?
By: Jennifer L. Garcia, DVM, DACVIM

A positive result can have a dramatic impact on a cat and its owners. These researchers set out to determine the reliability of four in-clinic veterinary products.Read More

Pain management and Microlactin: Got milk?


This milk protein concentrate from the milk of hyperimmunized cows, should be your next big moo-ve toward managing pain in feline patientsRead More

Feline Heartworm Disease: Fact or Fiction?
By: Wortinger, BIS, LVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM, Nutrition) | Belleville, Michigan

Heartworm disease was first reported in cats in Brazil in 1921, yet some still believe that cats cannot be infected with D immitis.Read More

Pet Detectives Are On the Case

By: Molly Dalrymples

Across the country, pet detectives are helping distraught owners reunite with their missing pets.Read More

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EHV Confirmed in Sacramento County, California, Horse
By: Erica Larson, News Editor

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has confirmed that a 15-year-old Warmblood mare from Sacramento County tested positive for equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV) after exhibiting severe neurologic signs of disease.Read More

Can aromatherapy calm competition horses?
By: Experimental Biology 2017

Although studies suggest that inhaling certain scents may reduce stress in humans, aromatherapy is relatively unexplored in veterinary medicine. But new research raises the question of whether aromatherapy may be beneficial to horses as well.Read More

Measuring Tendon Stiffness to Monitor Healing
By: Katie Navarra

It’s the stiffness-or lack thereof, as the case might be in an injured, but healing, structure-that researchers think could help veterinarians evaluate and monitor the status of superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT) injuries.Read More

Lipomas: Hidden Dangers of Obesity in Horses
By: Kentucky Equine Research Staff

One possible and unnoticeable result of chronic overfeeding is the development of lipomas, benign tumors within the abdominal cavity that originate from adipocytes or fat cells.Read More

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Meet the Orphaned Elephant Who Transformed the World of Elephant Conservation
By: Natasha Brooks

In 1987, when Olmeg was just two weeks old, his herd was violently attacked by a group of poachers in Maralal, Northern Kenya. The elephant herd stampeded in reaction to the firing bullets, and baby Olmeg was left to perish in a ditch. Thankfully, DSWT, although a relatively new organization at the time, took in baby Olmeg.Read More

Zimbabwe’s Bull Elephants to be Fitted with Satellite Tracking Collars
By: Eyewitness News

Conservationists in one of Zimbabwe’s top national parks, Mana Pools, are planning to put satellite tracking collars on more than a dozen bull elephants.Read More

My Vet Tech Said WHAT on Facebook?

By: Vet Practice Staff

When an employee can be fired for what they said on social media, and when they can’t.Read More

Service Dog, Emotional Support or Therapy Dog-Explaining the Differences
By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Which animals are entitled to full public access? Let’s take a look at the difference in each of these labels, and what they represent for owners.Read More

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