National Mutt Day, formally known as National Mixed Breed Dog Day, was created in 2005 by Celebrity Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige and is celebrated on both July 31st and December 2nd each year. National Mutt Day is all about embracing, rescuing and celebrating mixed breed dogs. The biggest percentage of dogs surrendered, left behind and/or euthanized is due to…

  • constant over-breeding and
  • public desire for designer dogs and pure bred puppies

These animals are supplied by often questionable puppy mills that frequently produce ill and horribly neglected animals.

This special day was created to be celebrated on two dates per year, to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters around the nation; approximately 80% of dogs in shelters are mixed breeds. As a rule, pure breeds that end up in the shelter are rescued quickly by either the public wanting a “discount” pure bred dog or by a pure breed rescue. The day’s mission is to educate the public about the multitude of mixed breed dogs that desperately await new homes, as well as a way to celebrate the amazing characteristics of the dogs affectionately known as the “Heinz 57” variety.  The mix of breeds results in singular characteristics in each and every dog.


Did you know…

Mixed breed dogs

  • tend to be healthier
  • are generally better behaved
  • live longer, and
  • are just as able to perform the duties of pure bred dogs – such as bomb and drug sniffing, search and rescue and guiding the blind.

There are millions of loving and healthy mutts sitting in shelters, who are desperately searching for a new home.  Just think…you might end up with

Spike as Old Yeller (1960s)

Spike was rescued from the Los Angeles Animal Services East Valley Shelter in Van Nuys by animal trainer Frank Weatherwax. He grew to be Weatherwax’s largest star– quite literally, too, maxing out at a whopping 170 pounds.

Higgins as Benji (1970s)

Like Spike, Higgins was rescued from death row at a Los Angeles shelter by another animal trainer, Frank Inn.  Nearly every week, Higgins learned a new routine like climbing ladders, opening mail boxes, and even yawning on command. The 1960’s and early 70’s was Higgins’ heyday. He appeared in Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Mooch Goes to Hollywood. After a short-lived time in retirement, he came back to star in his famous role as Benji. This early 1970’s icon will forever be in our hearts as the definition of a great happy-tail rescue story.

Aleister as Sorry in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2010s)

In the 2012 dramedy, rescue dog Aleister stole the show as the hero dog, Sorry. “When I saw Aleister and his wonderful scrappy snaggletooth and wiry coat, I loved him and felt, ‘Here’s our hero dog,’” gushed writer/director Lorene Scafaria.

These three rescue pups not only stole the limelight; they stole the hearts of the crew and the audience.  These dogs are the perfect representation of second chances and new beginnings.

So please visit your local shelter and find a new friend! If you can’t adopt a mixed breed friend on July 31st or December 2nd, please donate whatever you can to your local animal shelter—every dollar counts!  You can also volunteer to walk a dog, donate food and a variety of supplies needed to your local animal shelter.