C’mon…you know they are downy, dreamy and dear.  You’ve come to terms with the fact that they are in complete control of your life-and you love being their slave.  We’re talking about cats, of course.   They’ve been our companions for thousands of years.  From camaraderie to pest control, they’ve been a wonderful addition to our lives.   September’s Happy Cat Month celebrates all of their contributions, and is here to remind us of the many ways to guarantee we have a frolicsome feline.

History of Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month is brought to us by the CATalyst Council; spreading education and awareness about the health, welfare, and importance of companion cats. For example, we’ve come to believe that the cat is self-reliant, and just doesn’t need the kind of time and indulgence required by a dog. The reality is that cats are incredibly social animals, and that they require the same level of care and attention that we shower on our dogs.  The misconception results in a scarcity of love, healthcare and advancement.

The CATalyst Council was formed after two meetings, Re-Branding Felix and the CATalyst Summit. These events sparked the non-profit entity with a focus on veterinary medicine, and shelter/animal welfare, and include members of industries related to the organizations efforts like cat fanciers, the media and various commercial companies. Since its formation they’ve been working to advance the image of cats as caring, affectionate, and needing of human care—critical to any pet.   Through their efforts, they work to bring awareness to cat owners to get their cat’s quality veterinary care, preventative medicines, and products that are safe and suitable for our feline friends.

How to celebrate Happy Cat Month

Think about the last time you took your cat visited the vet. How long has it been?  3 months?  Or 6?  A year?   It’s probably been too long.  Cats should have a check-up every 6 months.

Happy Cat Month is a great opportunity to scrutinize what you’re feeding your cat; analyzing the ingredients to be sure they are wholesome and contain limited fillers.  Review your schedule—are you allotting sufficient playtime.   Remember, cats love to play and love human attention as much as your dog, bird, lizard or guinea pig.  Make your furry friend grin like the Cheshire Cat.  All hail the kings and queens of cool—our cats!