Let the love begin!  When young, Felis Silvestrus Catus, alias the domestic cat arrives at your home, your life will change…guaranteed.  They rule our life, that’s for sure.  When they meow, we snap to their call.  When they purr, we think we’re in heaven.

History of Cat Day

Cat Day was created to bring attention to the difficulty of the domestic cat. Cats are closely tied to humans. When humans relied on hunting as their main source of food, dogs were most useful – but when the first agricultural societies emerged, cats became invaluable. Domesticated cats became responsible for keeping grain stores free of mice and other rodents. Today, cats can be found in 34% of American households, making them the most popular house pet in the United States.   Ancient Egyptians raised them to god-like status.  Domestic or feral, urban or rural, they can be found everywhere.  As pets they are cherished and have been the source of some of the silliest memes (humorous images, videos, pieces of text, etc., that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users) and have brought joy and hilarity to millions of people around the world.

Shortly after its start, Cat Day was adopted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an organization also centered on getting people to adopt pets.  The mission of the ASPCA is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.” One aspect of that mission is to bring attention to the number of animals that have to be rescued each year, and the growing problem and possible solutions to feral cat colonies.

How to Celebrate Cat Day

Hug and pet your furry key master if you have one, that’s the easiest way to start the celebration.  Or consider:

  • a fun new toy….condo, bed or treats
  • donating blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organizations
  • giving your cat a calming massage
  • volunteering at your local shelter and offering to play, clean…whatever is needed

Don’t have a cat of your own?  Maybe it’s time to make a fuzzy kitten or striking adult a member of your family.  Be sure to visit your local shelter or contact an animal rescue organization.  Remember, kittens are easy to get adopted, go for an older cat or one who doesn’t have a perfect health markup. They may not win in the Best Cat category, but these cats can be adorable and loving partners.

National Cat Day–the purrrrfect way to show you care!