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Are rising veterinary salaries driving up the cost of care?
By: Fred Ouedraogo, PhD, Michael Dicks, PhD

The AVMA econ team decided to find out-and discovered that mean salaries are actually dropping. So the answer to that question? No, they are not.
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How revised tax code treats veterinary practices
By: Raphael Moore, JD, LL.M

An article published Feb. 28 by the Journal of the AVMA provides insight on how veterinary practices will be treated under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed by President Trump in Dec.
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Peddler of illegal veterinary drugs sentenced to prison
By: Stephen Siciliano

As part of a plea agreement reached with U.S. government prosecutors in September, Gerson conceded to heading a criminal group that imported, transported and sold foreign-branded, misbranded and unapproved prescription animal drugs and parasiticides.
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Travel health certificates for small animals in flux
By: Lisa Wogan

States increasingly reject most common form due to fraud concerns.
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Pheromones’ therapeutic use in animals

By: Brennen McKenzie

In small animal veterinary medicine, there has been considerable interest over the last couple of decades in the therapeutic use of pheromones.
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AHS introduces algorithm to minimize heartworm transmission in relocated dogs
By: dvm360.com staff

In wake of 2017’s multiple natural disasters, heartworm society offers guidelines for testing, treatment and prevention before pets are transported out of their current state.
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Dog flu goes viral

By: Kim Campbell Thornton

Lack of testing is one reason it’s unclear just how many dogs have been affected. The virus may be in states that haven’t yet reported it simply because no dogs there have been tested.
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Chihuahua becomes Auburn’s smallest PDA patient
By: dvm360.com staff

After a successful, albeit challenging, patent ductus arteriosus procedure, a 3-month-old, 2-lb Chihuahua is believed to be Auburn’s smallest veterinary patient to undergo the surgery to date.
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Send a clear parasite prevention message
By: Jackie Brown

Clients simply aren’t getting the message when it comes to preventing fleas, ticks, and in particular heartworm.
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Catterbox: A mew breakthrough

By: Sarah Mouton Dowdy, Associate Content Specialist

The Catterbox cat collar promised to translate feline sounds into human speech. It did not, however, promise that every tomcat, Dick and Harry would get to use it.
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Benefits of Beet Pulp for Horses

By: Kentucky Equine Research Staff

The fiber fraction of a horse’s diet typically comes from pasture or hay, but there are forage alternatives that can help supplement energy, benefit the digestive system, and provide fiber for horses that have trouble chewing traditional forage.
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Researchers Narrow Down Equine Coronavirus Risk Factors
By: Alexandra Beckstett

Draft horses, horses from the Midwest, and those used for farming and ranching or breeding are most at-risk of contracting coronavirus, researchers found.
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What to Do When Your Horse Keeps Gaining Weight
By: Amanda A. Adams, PhD

An Icelandic Horse has tested negative for metabolic disease but is still gaining weight. Dr. Amanda Adams offers advice.
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Controlling Equine Asthma: Newest Advice
By: Kentucky Equine Research Staff

Many studies on equine asthma examined a wide array of airway characteristics to create treatment protocols, but far fewer studies actually assessed the “real life” impact of these changes.
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Building Your Practice Team Flag

By: Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA

Every practice owner can change their “practice flag”. It is more than a slogan like “Sharing the care” or “We care for pet as if it was our own.” It should be based on a systematic approach to quality health care, continuity of care, and use of veterinary extenders.
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AAHA releases new edition of Veterinary Fee Reference
By: Veterinary Practice News

The new reference includes US veterinary fees for more than 530 services and cases. Discover how to remain profitable and competitive within your unique market with the 20th anniversary edition of the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) statistical book, Veterinary Fee Reference.
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As If We Need a Special Day…
By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

March 23rd is National Puppy Day. The goal says the National Puppy Day website, is “to help save orphaned puppies across the globe and educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills.”
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Around the Net…Quotes for Vets
By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Our team sat down with their computers and iPads and looked for encouraging messages that would keep veterinary practices going through the tough times. Presenting…from around the net…choice words to inspire, amuse and enlighten.
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