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A different perspective on the wide world of Fear Free

By: Veterinary Practice News

A potential for saving lives and driving pets back into veterinary practices
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Walmart’s offerings will soon include veterinary care

By: dvm360.com staff

PetIQ announces plan to open 20 clinics in Walmart locations by the end of May.
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Platypus milk: The key to preventing deadly infections?
By: Tim Newman

Although platypuses are deeply unusual animals, as researchers dig deeper into their biochemistry, it seems that they might hold the key to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.
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Forensic files: Veterinary edition

By: Clay Jackson

Professionals are adapting human investigative techniques to better the lives of abused animals
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IDEXX research links tick-borne disease exposure, kidney problems in veterinary patients
By: dvm360.com staff

Positive results for B. borgdorferi or E. canis antibodies associated with a higher risk of CKD in dogs later in life.
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Dogs with noise sensitivity should be routinely assessed for pain by vets

By: University of Lincoln

Dogs which show fear or anxiety when faced with loud or sudden noises should be routinely assessed for pain by veterinarians, according to new research.
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Florida manufacturer develops rapid animal diabetes testing
By: Veterinary Practice News

Tallahassee, Fla.-based Baycom Diagnostics has developed A1Care, a cost-effective kit for monitoring and testing for both feline and canine diabetes.
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California lawmakers to hear new animal-rehabilitation proposal
By: Lisa Wogan

Two visions of the future of animal physical rehabilitation in California are set to clash on April 10, when a new bill comes before the state Assembly Business and Professions Committee.
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How cats could help to treat HIV
By: Honor Whiteman

Cats are much more than just our four-legged companions; new research now explains how our furry friends could also aid the development of new drugs for HIV.
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Mesenchymal stem cell therapy: Holding promise for feline inflammatory diseases

Stem cell therapy is acknowledged as having great potential for the treatment of a variety of diseases in both people and animals.
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Bony Changes in the Equine Neck

By: Michelle Anderson

Researchers found that many horses not diagnosed with neck pain had bony changes in the cervical spine.
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Soaking Changes Nutrient Content of Hay
By: Kentucky Equine Research Staff

Soaking changes the nutritional profile of forages, most notably in carbohydrate and mineral content.
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Omeprazole Withdrawal Times in Competition Horses
By: Kentucky Equine Research Staff

High-performance horses, such as racehorses and eventers, suffer from equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) at a higher rate than pleasure or sedentary horses.
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Spring Turnout Tips for Horses

By: Kristen M. Janicki, MS, PAS

Proper spring turnout management and monitoring body condition are important steps to keeping your horse healthy.
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Letters to dvm360: Prices change, but do practice owners stay the same?
By: dvm360.com staff

Two veterinarians agree with our columnists: Generations of practitioners fight over the value of veterinary care. Where do you come down on this?
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The ABCs of veterinary dentistry: ‘N’ is for no

By: Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP, FAVD

By nature of the alphabet, we must get through all of the noes in veterinary dentistry before we can reach the yeses-but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel positively inspired to better your dental practices after reading.
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Transparency is key for the 2018 General Practice Hospital of the Year
By: Ashley Griffin

You can see right through Northpointe Veterinary Hospital, and that’s a good thing. Learn how this hospital&339;s all-glass approach makes the team’s workflow crystal clear.
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April 8th is National Zoo Lovers Day

By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Zoo Lovers Day is a great excuse to get your family together and go for a trip to see animals strange and exotic. Where else can you witness prowling pumas, delight in hilarious howler monkeys, and commune with a California condor?
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