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Virulent Newcastle disease found in backyard chickens in California
By: dvm360.com staff

USDA urges bird owners to follow biosecurity measures to protect flocks, pets.
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Support staff unionize at two veterinary hospitals
By: Lisa Wogan

Pro-union votes are a first for Mars-owned VCA and BluePearl
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By: dvm360.com staff

Data shows pets aren’t getting complete protection against fleas, ticks and Lyme disease.
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New veterinary school in Japan stirs debate
By: Leslie Helm

Question of workforce demand echoes long-standing issue in U.S
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Study explores predicting canine disease risk through genetic testing
By: Veterinary Practice News

Researchers look at whether purebreds are more disease prone than mixed breeds
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Why annual screening for exposure to infected ticks is vital
By: Melissa Beall, DVM, Ph.D.

Because dogs don’t always show clinical signs, it can be challenging to understand the true harm to a pet’s health
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Diagnosing the bleeding patient

By: Medora Pashmakova, DVM, DACVECC

Understanding the coagulation system, a thorough physical exam and knowledge of the patient history are key.
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Veterinarians: Ease cats’ stress in critical situations
By: Michael Nappier, DVM, DABVP

“Work with the cat as opposed to against the cat,” this veterinary specialist says.
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UF vet performs femoral head ostectomy on mini horse
By: Veterinary Practice News

The procedure is a well-known option in certain circumstances in dogs with hip dysplasia or a dislocated hip, but is seldom performed in equines
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Nutritional Considerations for Foals at Weaning
By: Kentucky Equine Research Staff

Weaning is a time of major transition for foals, both nutritionally and psychologically. Management strategies can be implemented to help minimize the stress of weaning. Most foals will begin to nibble at the dam’s grain within a few days or weeks of life.
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Mare Obesity and Osteochondrosis in Young Horses
By: Kentucky Equine Research Staff

Not only does maternal obesity contribute to decreased conception rates and increased early embryonic death but it also plays into the development of osteochondrosis, according to researchers*.
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Study Links Hard Tracks to Injury Risk in Harness Racing Horses
By: Christa Leste-Lasserre, MA 

Researchers performed diagnostic imaging on Standardbreds’ limbs to pick up early signs of damage to bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They noted more serious lesions—and more lesions in general-in horses trained only on a firm surface.
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4 lessons from human dentists

By:Wendy S. Myers

Dentists’ strategies to improve case acceptance with clients
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RVing: Not Just For Humans Anymore
By: Diagnostic Imaging Systems

We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to make the trip as much fun for your furry friend as it is for you.
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