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DR Flat Panels

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Purchase a new 10×12 or 14×17 Wireless CsI DR Flat Panel System, complete with 5 year hardware and software warranty, & receive a
Portable X-Ray Unit, Wireless Ultrasound, or
VV300 All-in-One Mobile X-Ray Table!











sonostar wireless ultrasoundULTRA 9030Hf Portable X-Ray Unit is the most powerful x-ray unit in its class featuring 82-103vAc operation at as little as 5 amps current supply, specifically designed for veterinary equine use.

ULTRA 12040Hf Portable X-Ray Unit is the most compact sized, lightest, highest powered, 120kV ultra light, highly efficient portable x-ray unit designed especially for the Veterinary practitioner.

VV300 All-in-One Mobile X-Ray Exam Table is the first integrated mobile veterinary x-ray examination system to provide x-ray capabilities with its easily dockable and removable Ultrastand.

Handheld Wireless Ultrasound – The wireless probe can be conveniently used in surgery without fixing of cables. By using the disposable protecting cover, it can easily solve the sterilization issue of the probe.


*Promotion ends September 20, 2017. Not valid with any other offer.
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5-year Hot Swap Warranty on the Portable X-Ray Unit!
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