Portable X-Ray Unit repair 

Spend over $500 on service and receive a free $500 unit calibration. Extend the life of your Veterinary equipment with Diagnostic Imaging Systems’ Equipment Repair Services:

  • 3-Day Turnaround Goal
  • 90-Day Bumper-to-Bumper Part and Labor Warranty*
  • Shipping and Packaging Services available
  • Trade-in values offered on case-by-case basis

Here are just a few of the portable x-ray units we can repair.

  • MinXRay
  • Poskom
  • Ajex
  • Soyee
  • Acoma
  • Bowie
  • Medison

Diagnostic Imaging Systems offers trade-in value for qualifying pieces. Your equipment’s trade-in value lowers your out-of-pocket costs toward the purchase of NEW equipment from Diagnostic Imaging Systems.

Use our online, interactive
Portable X-Ray Trade Calculator
to see how much money you can save on new equipment!

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