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Image-Vet 4G Digital Dental X-Ray Unit

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The Image-Vet series evolved based on feedback from veterinarians and thought leaders in order to provide the best x-ray that is easy to use, provides sharp images and is economically priced. The Image-Vet® 4G Digital Dental X-Ray Unit sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography.  Image-Vet 4G the perfect choice for seamless integration with EVA-Vet Digital Dental Sensors and other digital dental systems.ImageVet 4g


The Fourth Generation Image-Vet X-Ray

  • Superior Image Quality
  • Seamlessly Compatible with EVA-Vet® Digital Dental Sensors
  • Over 5,000 installations and growing
  • Smooth, stable, ergonomic design
  • Compatible with all digital dental imaging systems
  • Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or on a mobile stand
  • Fully-maneuverable tubehead easily positioned and stable for all procedures
  • ImageWorks Customer Care Program


  • Mobile stand – precisely balanced for safe, quick transport and convenience
Image-Vet 4G
Dimensional Data
Extension arm A = 11-13/16” (30cm)
30-7/8” (78.5 cm)
Extension arm A = 23-5/8” (60cm)*
42-3/4” (108.5 cm)
Extension arm A = 31-1/2” (80cm)50-5/8” (128.5 cm)
Total Inside Reach
Extension arm A = 11-13/16” (30cm)
56-5/16” (143 cm)
Extension arm A = 23-5/8” (60cm)*
68-1/8” (173 cm)
Extension arm A = 31-1/2” (80cm)
76” (193 cm)
Parked Dimensions
Extension arm A = 11-13/16” (30cm)
26” (66 cm)
Extension arm A = 23-5/8” (60cm)*37.5” (96 cm)
37.5” (96 cm)
45” (116 cm)
Product Data
Power supply120V ±10% 60Hz
230V ±10% 50Hz
X-ray tube70kV, 8mA
Focal spot0.8mm IEC 336
Focus to skin distance20cm (7-7/8”) standard
X-ray field (at collimator tip)Diameter 60mm (2-3/8”)
Duty cycle1:32
Exposure times0.02 to 3.2s
Shipping eight102 Lbs (38 Kg)
Warranty2 year limited – free phone and online support for life