Z70 Wizard Digital Dental X-ray Unit

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The Z70 Wizard digital dental x-ray unit provides clear radiographs with reduced times of exposure all with value pricing.Z70 Wizard dental xray unit

The tube head is 70 kVp and 8 mA. Greater power than most of the competition.

Very tight and accurate counter balance arm prevents drifting, so it stays in place where positioned.

Compatible with film, PSP plate systems and Dental Sensors.

Z70Wizard Dental X-Ray Veterinary Unit Diagnosis through high-resolution imaging

Made with tubular steel and strong aluminum structure, Diagnostic Imaging System Z70Wizard allows smooth and accurate movements with a great mobility.

The unit has been developed to produce X-rays of excellent quality with high image definition and lower exposure time for the pet.

Diagnostic Imaging System units provide the highest degree of safety for both operator and pet, complying with international quality and radiological safety standards.

Easy assembly and setup. Ships via UPS.


Z70 Wizard dental xray

Z70 Wizard dental