DR-3500C Tethered 14×17 DR Flat Panel System

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The DR-3500C Digital X-Ray DR Flat Panel System utilizes a revolutionary technology that captures radiographic images in digital format within seconds, eliminating the need for an X-Ray film, phosphorescent screens and cassettes.

The DR-3500C utilizes direct digital radiography (DR). It replaces standard film and cassettes with a new light-weight flat-panel Digital X-Ray Detector. It is a durable Digital X-Ray imaging system designed for high-speed radiographic imaging in the field or in the office. Based on the new Gigabit Ethernet interface, images are displayed instantaneously on a supplied laptop or desktop computer.

Specifications:dr3500c digital flat panel system

  • Purpose General Radiography
  • Detector Type Flat Panel Detector
  • Detecting Area 14”x17”
  • Pixel Active Area 5200×2800
  • Pixel Pitch 150µm
  • Pixel Size 150×150µm
  • Pixels 6.7 million pixals
  • Active Array 2400×2880
  • Active Area 360x432m
  • Xray Convertor Csi:T1
  • A/D Convert 14bits
  • Voltage AC 100~240V±10% (50/60Hz)
  • Operation Environment 5-35°C 20-75% RH (Non-Condensing)
  • Acquisition DICOM Store – Interface to DICOM storage servers


  • Detector 491x480x15mm (14×17”)
  • Weight 8.6LBS/3.8KG

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