Equine Digital X-Ray Packages

Large animals, including equine, require specialized equipment for field use. DIS offers a wide variety of X- Ray equipment and other digital imaging products specific for you.

VV50 Ultrastand

vv50 ultrastandVersa-View Ultra Stand Advanced Features / Benefits:
• Ultra-light: weighs only 30 pounds with locking casters
• Ultra-compact
• Ultra-accurate: trigger release of vertical 1” movements
• Ultra-fast: Setup and placement in minutes
• Ultra-versatile: supports most x-ray units up to 55 lbs
• Ultra-easy: Provides more views in less time
• Ultra-safe: reduces operator scatter radiation exposure
• Ultra-stable: Holds x-ray unit motionless for the best detail

Versa-View Tomahawkvv tomahawk
Tomahawk Advanced Features / Benefits:
• Handle rotates to left or right side of holder.
• Lightweight, sturdy aluminum.
• Weighs only 2.5 pounds.
• Spring-loaded cassette clamp allows easy cassette or 3M contact tunnel changes.
• Holds small, medium and large cassettes.
• Bubble level on top, bottom and sides of cassette clamp.
• Two telescoping handles. 0-20” and 32-54”
• Telescoping 20” center leg ground support post/handle.
• Easily fits and stores into any mobile veterinary unit.
• Handle may be used as the vertical cassette holder support, allowing ground contact for cassette positioned 0-54” above ground level.
• Positioning handle elbow supports 360 degree rotation, allowing for compound views.

Versa-View Deluxe Footblocks 

vv footblocks• Surfaces are covered in a 3M Rubber coating
• Crosshairs embedded one inch inside blocks
• Grid Ready
• Dual Cassettes Slots
• Holds all standard size cassettes.
• Comes as a pair with includes compact storage case

Versa-View Naviculator

vv naviculatorAdvanced Features / Benefits:
• Quick, easy assembly/disassembly
• 2 piece apparatus with wheeled base allows easily changed viewing angles
• Adjustable FFD
• Stand base is is adjustable to accommodate practices with multiple brands of portable x-ray units
• Rotating foot block base with tilt away cassette holder
• Discrete indexing swivel adjustments for 0 or 45 or 90 degrees, right or left
• Foot block detaches from portable x-ray unit stand
• Removable, optional, Air Gap Cassette Adaptor
• Measures: 12” W x 36” L
• Weighs: 10.5 pounds


ULTRA 9030Hf Portable X-Ray Unit

The most powerful x-ray unit in its class featuring 82-103vAc operation at as little as 5 amps current supply.

ULTRA 9030Hf portable x-ray unitUltra Lite: Only 16 lbs!
Ultra Fast: Stifles in less than .05 seconds.
Ultra Powerful: 90kV/30mA
Ultra Detail: 1kV steps @ 40-90kV
Ultra Accurate: Automatic line current compensation.
Ultra High Frequency: Twice as powerful as other units.
Ultra Programmable: Technique memory settings.
Ultra Easy: Soft Touch Controls with Digital displays
Ultra Collimator: Calibrated cassette size indicator dials.
Ultra Compact Size: 10.5”L x 6”W x 6.75”H.