Zoology Digital X-Ray Package

If you are in need of a system that gives you complete flexibility in the office and the ability to immediately go in the field, then our Zoology Package is perfect for you.

VV300 All-in-One System

Mobile Examination Table with integrated one-pin docking and undocking of ultrastand.

vv 300 all-in-one mobile exam table
The VV300 is the first integrated mobile veterinary x-ray examination system to provide x-ray capabilities with its easily dockable and removable Ultrastand in examination rooms, surgery suites, and in the field, providing accurate positioning and ensuring consitent, quality results.

Table Specifications:
For use with CR, film or DR Flat Panel
Semi-transparent polycarbonate tabletop
4-way postitioning of x-ray unit
(left & right, up & down, rotate and angulate)
Standard dimensions 40″ or 56″ long x 31″ deep x 33″ tall






The new DIS Ultra Stand provides quick easy mobilization in the field or at your facility. With the new table incorporation of the Ultra Stand there’s no need expose you and your staff to increased scatter radiation exposure and create motion which, reduces film retail.vv300

Versa-View Ultra Stand Advanced Features / Benefits:
• Ultra-light: weighs only 16 pounds with locking casters
• Ultra-compact: Stores in optional carry bag
• Ultra-accurate: trigger release of vertical 1” movements
• Ultra-fast: Setup and placement in minutes
• Ultra-versatile: supports most x-ray units up to 55 lbs
• Ultra-easy: Provides more views in less time
• Ultra-safe: Proved a reduction in scatter radiation
• Ultra-stable: Holds x-ray unit motionless for the best detail
• Ultra-range: X-ray beam positioned from ground level to 60” above. Focal spot is 16” from vertical support

Versatile, convenient and compact this portable x-ray unit positioning aid provides the ultimate in x-ray unit support, placement and operator scatter radiation reduction.

ULTRA 9030Hf Portable X-Ray Unit

The most powerful x-ray unit in its class featuring 82-103vAc operation at as little as 5 amps current supply.

ULTRA 9030Hf portable x-ray unitUltra Lite: Only 16 lbs!
Ultra Fast: Stifles in less than .05 seconds.
Ultra Powerful: 90kV/30mA
Ultra Detail: 1kV steps @ 40-90kV
Ultra Accurate: Automatic line current compensation.
Ultra High Frequency: Twice as powerful as other units.
Ultra Programmable: Technique memory settings.
Ultra Easy: Soft Touch Controls with Digital displays
Ultra Collimator: Calibrated cassette size indicator dials.
Ultra Compact Size: 10.5”L x 6”W x 6.75”H.