Portable X-Ray Unit Trade Value Calculator


Portable X-Ray Unit Trade Value Calculator

See how much money you can save on a new Portable X-Ray Unit.

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*Actual value may vary and will be determined upon physical inspection by Authorized DIS Personnel

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The Top 10 Reasons to Purchase an ULTRA Light Portable X-ray Machine:
1. Automatic line current plus Line voltage compensation, No
underexposed x-rays2. Hot Swap warranty. Never down. You will receive a replacement unit
while your unit is being repaired or replaced

3. Highest power output of portable x-ray units available

4. Calibrated collimator cassette size indicators with dual laser
pointers. No need to use light field for correct cassette to x-ray field
size and proper distance indication.

5. Bubble tilt angle indicators on both sides of unit. Sky line
views are a snap when you know the correct angle

6. Lightest weight line of portable x-ray units.

7. 3 year hot swap warranty No matter the manufacturers defect, its
warranty repaired.

8. Ready for any digital imager application

9. Reversible face panel providing use on our versa view table.
Small animal use is much easier with the correct vertical
representation with the reversible display plus and reversible operator
face panel.

10. Vertically integrated accessory products