Versa-View Cassette Tunnel


The Flexor and Skyline view is easy with this cassette tunnel, plus tunnel protects your delicate cassettes and the grid channel protects your grid.cassette tunnel

Advanced Features / Benefits:
• Lightweight shatter proof polycarbonate top with solid oak frame. Includes grid channel.
• Bottom is lead lined to prevent backscatter.
• Non-slip material on top and bottom surfaces
• Lightweight shatter resistant polycarbonate and wood construction naturally absorbs radiation, unlike metals or plastics, greatly reducing x-ray scatter.
• Surfaces are covered in a 3M rubber coating for easier placement and to prevent foot slippage.The easy to clean rubber covering also keeps out moisture.
• Crosshairs embedded one inch inside blocks provide geometric position indication on film.
• Grid ready. Comes with extra-wide cassette slot to hold grid when needed
• Dual cassette slots for proper cassette placement for front or side views.
• Compact storage case with dual carry handles and side pouches, widemouth zipper opening allows easy stowage.
• Holds all standard size cassettes. 8”x10”, 10”x12”and 14”x17”