Versa-View Deluxe Foot Blocks


The Versa-View Deluxe Foot Blocks produce quality, consistent radiographs of the foot every time you use them. The lightweight shatter resistant polycarbonate and wood construction naturally absorbs radiation, unlike metals or plastics, greatly reducing x-ray scatter.foot blocks

• Surfaces are covered in a 3M Rubber coating
• Crosshairs embedded one inch inside blocks
• Grid Ready
• Dual Cassettes Slots
• Holds all standard size cassettes.
• Comes as a pair with includes compact storage case

Proper Usage:
The foot blocks are sold in pairs for a reason. The foot x-ray examination is a weight bearing test. Even weight needs to be applied by the animal on both front or hind feet being x-rayed. When the animal only has one foot raised on a block they will not put enough even weight on the foot. With both feet raised up on blocks,weight is applied evenly on both feet. Also if both front or hind feet need to be x-rayed, it is quicker with two x-ray blocks.