Versa-View Naviculator


Rotating foot block with integral tilting cassette holder provides discrete indexing swivel adjustments, for oblique, lateral and vetrodorsal views of foot prone or tilted. Provides quick and easy repeatable positioning views. For use with any portable x-ray unit. With the use of Air Gap Cassette Adaptor, additional benefits are achieved. Increased detail by reducing scatter radiation without the use of a Grid. Plus provides a small amount of image magnification for a close-up view.naviculator

Kit To Include:
• 1-Aluminum Quick Release Foot Positioning Block Assembly
• 1-Removeable Angled Foot Support
• 1-Aluminum X-ray Unit Wheeled Support Base
• 3-Adjustable Portable X-ray Unit Centering Clamps

Advanced Features / Benefits:
• Quick, easy assembly/disassembly
• 2 piece apparatus with wheeled base allows easily changed viewing angles
• Adjustable FFD
• Stand base is is adjustable to accommodate practices with multiple brands of portable x-ray units
• Rotating foot block base with tilt away cassette holder
• Discrete indexing swivel adjustments for 0 or 45 or 90 degrees, right or left
• Foot block detaches from portable x-ray unit stand
• Removable, optional, Air Gap Cassette Adaptor
• Measures: 12” W x 36” L
• Weighs: 10.5 pounds