Versa-View Tomahawk


The Versa-View Tomahawk Portable Cassette Positioner is a sturdy lightweight piece of radiology accessory equipment allows for omnidirectional cassette positioning with ground support post holds X-ray cassette motionless. It facilitates various distances and angles while keeping the person holding it out of harmful x-ray beam and away from danger. This reduces scatter radiation exposure to you and your staff. It prevents motion which will increases film detail.

Now with new 360° handle rotation. Cassette positioning height from ground to 64” above ground.versa view tomahawk

Advanced Features / Benefits:
• Handle rotates to left or right side of holder.
• Lightweight, sturdy aluminum.
• Weighs only 2.5 pounds.
• Spring-loaded cassette clamp allows easy cassette or 3M contact tunnel changes.
• Holds small, medium and large cassettes.
• Bubble level on top, bottom and sides of cassette clamp.
• Two telescoping handles. 0-20” and 32-54”
• Telescoping 20” center leg ground support post/handle.
• Easily fits and stores into any mobile veterinary unit.
• Handle may be used as the vertical cassette holder support, allowing ground contact for cassette positioned 0-54” above ground level.
• Positioning handle elbow supports 360 degree rotation, allowing for compound views.