VV50 Ultrastand


The VV50 Versa-View Ultra Stand portable x-ray unit positioning aid is versatile, convenient, stable, and has a compact design, providing quick and easy mobilization in the field or at your facility. With the new Ultra Stand there is no need to hand hold your X-ray unit in the field or over a table. This reduces exposer to you and your staff decreasing scatter radiation exposure and prevents motion which increases film detail.ultrastand

• Ultra-light: weighs only 30 pounds with locking casters
• Ultra-compact
• Ultra-accurate: trigger release of vertical 1” movements
• Ultra-fast: Setup and placement in minutes
• Ultra-versatile: supports most x-ray units up to 55 lbs
• Ultra-easy: Provides more views in less time
• Ultra-safe: reduces operator scatter radiation exposure
• Ultra-stable: Holds x-ray unit motionless for the best detail