(standard on all refurbished AllPro ScanX CR Scanners)

The VetRay Diagnostic Workstation is a medical image processing software to meet the needs of radiologists: Extremely fast loading and editing of even large series of images with an optimized workflow. The images can be edited while the rest of the series is still in its loading process. The user does not notice that the loading process happens in the background without any loss of performance.

The numerous image editing functions apply also for extremely large series in maximum speed.

The VetRay DW uses a powerful SQL database and can therefore be used as a server in a Mini PACS.

Because of its simplicity and the more or less self explaining user interface, the software is easy to use even for untrained users without any problems. It can be adapted to user’s individual demands by making only these buttons visible the user in each case really needs.

VetRay VISION® meets the DICOM 3-standard.

VetRay is distinguished by its pleasant and clearly arranged user interface, whereby working with VETRAY VISION® has been simplified furthermore.