XC Acquisition Software

xc-tabletThe XC acquisition software rises to new levels with its all new ICE-3 processing, the next level of image clarity enhancement. XC provides simple and intuitive workflow while ICE-3 provides you with consistently high image quality you need to support your diagnosis, while saving you both time and effort. Depend on XC and ICE-3 to provide the quality and assurance you need today’s fast paced healthcare system.

Introducing XC – an advanced image acquisition application designed to deliver clear and concise images, even under the most strenuous of conditions. This software offers both manual imaging workflow and procedure-centric workflow allowing you to choose the methods that best fit your practice. With 64-bit processing, XC delivers ready-to-read images in the blink of an eye.

Intelligent imaging algorithms automatically apply the processing parameters based on your procedure selection. With this directed workflow, you can quickly acquire images, saving you valuable time. The touch-enabled interface literally puts all your patient data at your fingertips,utilizing familiar gestures so you can easily navigate the application. Smart, intuitive, and efficient, XC provides a modern approach to high-quality image acquisition.