The Chison ECO3VET black and white portable ultrasound machine for Veterinarians is one of the few non-color systems to have Pulsed Wave Doppler. This makes it very unique in its category and price range.

For vet applications, the ECO3 Vet has a 5-9 MHz Linear rectal transducer for reproduction and two micro-convex transducers for small and medium-size animals.

Advanced imaging technologies, including compound imaging, speckle reduction, and harmonics give the Chison ECO3 an edge in the portable black-and-white ultrasounds at a very inexpensive price.

A 12-inch LED monitor also provides a crisp image with a very wide viewing angle, which is rare in this category (most use a less-expensive LCD screen with a limited viewing angle). Additionally, the LED screen can be tilted at up to a 30-degree angle.

The ECO 3 has measurement packages for OB/GYN, urology, abdomen, basic cardiac, vascular, small parts, and pediatrics. For urology, the ECO3 features a rectal linear probe, allowing for better viewing of the prostate (as opposed to the standard convex endocavity transducer). Dual probe ports allow for easy transducer switching.chison eco3 vet

i-Image (Image optimization software)
THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
SRA (Speckle Reduction Algorithm)
Compound Imaging
AIO (Automatic Image Optimization)
Full Digital Beam-Former
Automatic PW trace
Excellent PW resolution
Automatic PW trace measurement
Full Screen Display Mode

Large Animals: Reproduction & Tendon
Small Animals: Abdomen, Small Parts, Basic Cardiology
12″ LED Screen with 0-30° Adjustable Angle
Rechargeable Battery: Last 2.5 Hours
2 Probe Ports
Display Modes: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, PW
?Archives Management??: Patient Information Management, Image Records, and Exam Reports
Documentation??: Full Screen Documentation, Hospital Name, Patient Name, Date/Time, OB Growth Curve
Power Supply??: AC 100V-240V, 50Hz – 60Hz

Standard Configuration:
Main unit
5.3 MHz – 10 MHz Linear Rectal Probe (L7V-A)
2 probe connectors
3 USB ports
VGA port, Video port, LAN port
Full Screen Display Mode
i-Image, Chroma, SRA
Compound imaging, THI,
8G memory, PW Mode
Built-in Battery ( BT-2500 )

Available Probes:
C3-A: Convex (2.5MHz to 5.0MHz)
L7M-A: Linear (5.3 MHz to 10.0MHz)
MC6-A: Micro-Convex (4.5MHz to 8MHz)
L7V-A: Linear Rectal (5.3MHz to 10.0MHz)

Other Options:
Water-proof Keyboard Cover
Carrying Case (BG-100)
Cart TR-9000
Support PC Printer* (HP P2055D / HP 1102 / HP M251n)
Video Printer (Sony UPD711MD)