Diagnostic Imaging Systems often receives used x-ray machines and other equipment as trade-ins. Our trained in-house Service Department thoroughly inspects each unit before it’s sold.

For information on any of the used x-ray machines please contact Scott at 605-341-2433 or email scott@vetxray.com

All used equipment subject to prior sale.

ULTRA 10040Hf portable x-ray unit

ULTRA 10040Hf Portable X-Ray Unit

ULTRA 9030Hf portable x-ray unit

ULTRA 9030Hf Portable X-Ray Unit

ULTRA 12040Hf portable x-ray unit

ULTRA 12040Hf Portable X-Ray Unit

Acuray Junior Portable x-ray unit

Acuray Junior Portable x-ray unit

used bowie prx90

Bowie PRX90 Portable x-ray unit

use ajex 9015 portable x-ray unit

Ajex 9015 Portable x-ray unit

Ajex 135HA portable x-ray unit

Ajex 135HA Portable x-ray unit

Bowie TP20 Portable x-ray unit

Used Minxray HF100

MinXray HF100 Portable x-ray unit

MonXray HF80 portable x-ray unit

MinXray HF80 Portable x-ray unit

minxray hf8015

MinXray HF8015 Portable x-ray unit

minxray P200

MinXray P200 Portable x-ray unit