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  • Horse Jokes
    And for all you Neigh Sayers...To the veterinarians, ranchers, breeders, stable workers.  For all of you who spend countless hours caring for our equestrian friends...horse jokes from around the internet.... What would we do without the word "stable"?  You decide:  Groan or Grin?Q: Why did the horse cross the road?A: Because somebody shouted hay!Q: What […]
  • Is Your Dog Stressed?
    As a rule, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out your dog's emotions.   From the "I didn't mean to do it" look that suggests trouble to the "dance of delight" when you come home from work; your dog lets you know how it's feeling.  But can you read the signs of […]
  • October is Adopt-A-Dog Month
    There are a million reasons to adopt a dog during the American Humane Association’s yearly “Adopt-a-Dog Month®” this month.  3-4 million is a more accurate number–that’s how many sheltered animals are euthanized yearly because they never find someone to provide a safe and happy home.If you’re thinking about making a dog a part of your […]
diagnostic imaging systems
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Your Veterinary Radiology & Diagnostic Resource Since 1983

Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Inc. (DIS) provides Quality Imaging products at the best possible price. DIS products are specifically designed and engineered to match your equine, mixed, or small animal practice requirements. We combine over 30 years of industry knowledge with an understanding of your practice needs, to keep x-ray simple, so you can spend more time effectively managing your practice.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Thank you! You guys have made this painless and drama-free… that’s a hard combination in equipment purchasing. Thanks again.”
Barrow Veterinary Services, PC
“I’m totally impressed. I can’t believe the quality of x-rays with minimum exposure and the ease of work with the software. The product sells itself.”
“I am currently in the market to replace, upgrade my Digital Radiology equipment and have no hesitations to deal once again with DIS. My first system has performed without problems for 10 years and as an equine practitioner it has seen its share of abuse! With the past excellent service and question free support I have received from DIS made it my first choice for a supplier for my upgrade.”
Peter R. Rolfe, DVM, Tri-State Equine Hospital
“The company is very easy to deal with. The service is awesome. The people are down to Earth and easy to communicate with. They’re are always willing to answer questions and provide customer support.”
“Good friendly customer relations-very knowledgeable.”
Alan White, DVM, Bear River Animal Hospital
“We received both the tunnel and the Tomahawk. We have used them both on our horse clients. We would recommend them both…a must need.”
Laura Molony, DVM, Bevis Veterinary Hospital
“Very pleased with time spent and willingness to keep equipment and softwre current. Purchased new equipment in 2005 and still happy to know same help is still available.”
Cori Stephen, DVM
“Tim and Joe from Diagnostic Imaging Systems have provided us with great products and superior service over the past 4 years. We are very pleased we chose them to upgrade our radiology equipment at all 3 of our hospitals.”
Kent Greer, DVM, River Oaks Animal Hospital

Our products are specifically designed and engineered to match your veterinary practice needs.

Used Equipment

Purchasing used veterinary radiography equipment from DIS could be one of the best business decisions you make. You have the opportunity to improve your level of service to your customers at a cost much lower than you would expect.

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Latest From The Blog

2510, 2016

Five Steps to Help Fallout Pigs Flourish

In the nursery, consistency is critical. Pigs that fall behind the rest of the group can lag through future phases and may require additional days to finishing. Becky Bierlein, a swine specialist for Purina Animal [...]

1810, 2016

Horse Jokes

And for all you Neigh Sayers...   To the veterinarians, ranchers, breeders, stable workers.  For all of you who spend countless hours caring for our equestrian friends...horse jokes from around the internet.... What would we [...]

1110, 2016

Battle the Winter Blues

Winter months can be daunting for both humans and pets.  Days are shorter, and what little there is makes us long for the summer.   Overcast skies, biting  winds, and streets covered with snow and ice [...]

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