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DIS introduces First 5 year flat panel warranties,

Now DIS industry first VIP lifetime portable x-ray service warranties!

DIS VIP Lifetime Warranty Service Guarantee

The Limited Lifetime warranty applies to eligible purchases made directly from Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Inc. (DIS) and its Dealers. Warranty coverage applies to the original owner and to the original product. DIS warrants that the unit shall be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase when the appliance system is used for veterinary purposes and maintained according to the requirements outlined in the Instruction manuals.

What is covered in my warranty?

The original unit deemed defective will be repaired or replaced as long as you have owned the original unit and have had the regular 24 month calibration schedule since the date of purchase. Additionally, if the unit requires replacement, DIS reserves the right to replace the unit with one of equal or greater value. Freight and re-shipment costs Ground or Air Freight are shipped prepaid by Client for warranty claims.


What is not covered?

Normal wear and tear,  glassware* ( xray tube, collimator bulb) and wearable parts such as, hand switches, which require regular maintenance and/or replacement in order to assure the proper functioning of your unit. As such, they are not subject to lifetime warranty coverage and are available for purchase at www.vetxray.comAny unit that has been tampered with or Damage caused by misuse, abuse, negligent handling or mishandling in transit, consequential and incidental damages.

 * Glassware comes with a 2 year warranty

Problems with your Unit/How to Get Service

If your unit fails to operate properly while in use under normal conditions within the warranty period, visit www.vetxray.com for product care/maintenance self-help with our service report form. Our customer care and product specialists are also available at 605-341-2433 to assist with product support and warranty services. Please note, you must call DIS to initiate a warranty claim.


Certificate information

The original unit deemed defective will be repaired or replaced as long as you have owned the original unit and has had the regular scheduled DIS 24 month calibration service schedule since the date of purchase. Eligible purchases apply to specific limited offers and/or online configurations and subsequent order/shipment confirmations whereby the offer explicitly states the DIS 24 month calibration service on the schedule VIP Service guarantees had been completed.

Learn more about the Importance of Regular Calibration

Top ten reasons to purchase a ULTRA-VERSA-VIEW portable x-ray units

1). Lifetime Warranty Service, your unit is repaired with warranty coverage covered for a lifetime*.

2). Hot Swap Warranty, Never down

3). Automatic line current plus Line Voltage compensation, No more low line power underexposed x-rays anymore.

4). 12040HF = 120kV /40mA, 9030Kv = 90Kv /30Ma one of the Highest Powered Outputs of portable x-ray units available

5). Dual Bubble tilt angle indicators on both size of unit, Sky line views are a snap when you know the correct angle

6). Lowest Weights of the Ultra 12040Kvp = 25 pounds and Ultra 9030Kvp = 15 Pounds, Lightest weight line of portable x-ray units

7). Calibrated collimator cassette size dial indicators with dual laser pointers, No need to

use light field for correct cassette to x-ray field size and proper distance indication

8). Digital Ready for any digital imager application including Technique Charts

9). Reversible face panel for the 12040HF unit providing use on our versa view mobile xray tables.

Small animal use is much easier with the correct vertical representation with the

reversible display plus  our digital display reversible operator face panel.

10). Vertically Integrated available easy to use Versa View Accessory products.

*For the original unit lifetime warranty the portable x-ray unit must have had the regular 24 month calibration schedule since the date of purchase.