frequently asked questions

What kind of portable x-ray machines do you service?

We commonly work on the following units:
Ultralight Series. (Orange Series) 8016, 10040, 10035, 12040, 10060.
Bowie portables, TP-20, PRX 85 and PRX 90. Parts are hard to come by.
Ajex, 9015, 10035, 10060. Parts come from Korea, which could take a while. There is no guarantee we can fix the machine. A lot are high voltage tank leakage problems. It is very expensive and will cause numerous problems, some of which will not be detected right away.
MinXray, HF80 and HF80+ HF100

What are the common problems you see in portable x-ray machines?

The most common problems we see are dropped machines or ones that are kicked by animals. We service dropped or kicked machines, which are relatively easy to fix.

What are the biggest problems you have with Ajex portable x-ray machines?

Most of the Ajex machines that come in are from low oil in the HV tanks which then arc and cause other problems in the machines. At first sign of error codes, especially at higher KVP settings, the machine needs to be sent in.

What if my film is not developing properly?

First, run the following test:

Expose film to light with hand on top and develop.
If outline of hand is there, processor is good.

Other things you can do:

Replace chemicals if hand can not be seen.
Check temperature of Developer.
Ensure processor is level.