Welcome to Radiology Small and Large Animal X-Ray Production Continuing Education

This Radiology Continuing Education series is designed to help you learn the principles and equipment of small and large animal x-ray production, further enabling you to produce excellent diagnostic quality radiographs on the first try, as well as, to identify poor quality images and know how to improve them.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an understanding of the latest radiology equipment and techniques aslizard x-ray relates to proper equipment selection and usage.  We understand that x-rays are an integral and repetitive part of the diagnostic evaluation of Veterinary patients.  Good quality images are crucial to allow for correct interpretation. A bad image can hide important information and can cause erroneous diagnoses to be made.  They also require a substantial investment in time and money, supplies and maintenance. It is our aim to help you understand what is available and where improvements may be made to your current radiology procedures, helping you get the best quality images possible.  Upgrading to the latest radiology equipment and procedures will help in creating diagnostic images with which appropriate decisions can be made regarding diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

This series will cover the following topics:

•  Physics of Radiology:  X-rays and their production, x-ray beam and image formation, and scatter radiation.

•  Choosing the Appropriate Exposure Factors

•  Recording the Image:  Screens and film types, structures and characteristics.

•  Poor Quality Films: Causes and corrections.

•  Radiation Safety: The importance of radiation safety and the procedures.

•  Digital Radiology:  Analog Film vs. Digital Imaging; Equipment types, CR, DR and CCD; Procedures