Veterinary Equipment Service and Repair

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Extend the life of your Veterinary equipment with Diagnostic Imaging Systems’ Equipment Repair Services:

  • 5-Day Turnaround Goal
  • 90-Day Bumper-to-Bumper Part and Labor Warranty*
  • Shipping and Packaging Services available
  • Trade-in values offered on case-by-case basis

Equipment Serviced

Below is a list of some of the equipment our in-house team can repair:

certified ultrasound service center
See how much money you can save on a new Portable X-Ray Unit or DR System with the trade-in of your old portable or CR System, with our Portable Trade Calculator and CR Trade Calculator.

Request a Portable X-Ray Unit Repair

Portable X-Ray Units:

  • MinXRay
  • Poskom
  • Ajex
  • Soyee
  • Acoma
  • Bowie
  • Medison

Request CR Scanner Repair

CR Scanners

  • AllPro ScanX Duo
  • All Pro A/T Scanx
  • AllPro ScanX CR2500
  • AllPro ScanX CR3500
  • AllPro ScanX Trek
  • AllPro Scanx Quantum
  • AllPro ScanX 12
  • AllPro ScanX 14
  • AllPro Scanx 10M
  • CR 2500 Navigator
  • CR 3500 Navigator
  • Alara 110
  • Alara 210
  • Alara CR 2000 Navigator
  • Alara CR 4000 Navigator

*The DIS Service Department warranties its workmanship and labor for 90 days on machines that are no longer covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Warranty is only for service work on each service event that was done on the equipment, not for new problems that may pop up. If problem is deemed to be the same as the previous service event then labor and parts will be covered. Shipping costs each way will not be covered under Manufacturer’s Warranty. Shipping costs for non-warranty items will not be covered both ways.

Why Repair?

Save Money

Consider the advantage of Diagnostic Imaging Systems’ veterinary equipment Repair Program. You may be able to repair a piece of equipment you already own for a much more affordable amount than buying a new piece of equipment. Our unique veterinary equipment repair program can get your equipment back up and running in no time for a very reasonable price. Best of all, the process is quick and easy!

Extend Useful Life

Extend the life of your veterinary equipment and save money with Diagnostic Imaging System’s veterinary equipment Repair Program! If your current equipment isn’t working right, most other veterinary equipment companies can only SELL you a new piece of veterinary equipment. Diagnostic Imaging Systems’ Repair service now gives you a more affordable solution to save you money and time. Next time you’re faced with a failing centrifuge, iv pump, sterilizer or vital signs monitor, repair it rather than throw it away. You’ll be glad you did!

Trade-Ins & Recycling

If your equipment is irreparable or the cost to repair your equipment is more than what you’d like to spend, Diagnostic Imaging Systems offers trade-in value for qualifying pieces. Your equipment’s trade-in value lowers your out-of-pocket costs toward the purchase of NEW equipment from Diagnostic Imaging Systems.

Use our Trade Calculator to see how much money you can save on a new Portable X-Ray Unit.

Importance of Calibration

portable x-ray unitThe importance of a regular calibration on your portable X-ray machine can not be over stated. Many problems can be detected early and easily fixed when the machine is on a regular calibration schedule.

As the x-ray unit ages the x-ray tube inside your machine will tend drop it’s output efficiency compared to where it was originally when received from the manufacturer or even from the previous years calibration. As these machines age the mA will drop causing the kVp to increase which will reduce the image detail contrast. Producing the desired detail contrast will require recalibration of the unit or fiddling with the technique settings. Using a machine which is out of calibration will shorten the life of the machine while also making numerous exposures required to produce a quality image. We at Diagnostic Imaging Systems are adept at unit recalibration.

There are other factors which will cause an out of calibration condition. DIS has the experience to look for causes if something is not right. Some causes can be simple while others could be catastrophic to the machine if not detected and repaired in time. A good example would be the oil level inside the HV tank assembly. If the oil is low the units will arc internally and we have found them to then damage the power board and also the HV tank assembly to the point of needing new ones.

All states require regular calibrations to be performed and documentation provided to have the machines certified for use in the clinic. Failure to do so can result in revocation of your x-ray license plus fines imposed by the state. We have received many machines in for calibration because of them not passing state inspections or because they can not provide the necessary documentation proving one was done. Some states will require a history of records showing that the machine has been calibrated regularly.

So while you may think that the time and cost it takes to get your machine calibrated is too expensive, in the long run it will turn out to be more costly if not done. The proper care and maintenance of your machine will enhance your practice with good quality images the first time saving you time and money. Calibrations are very affordable when you consider the cost of a replacement HV tank or power board or even a new machine.

Terms and Conditions

Policy: Property in for Repair
1. Non-repairable electronics – If you deliver your equipment for repair to Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Inc. and in our judgment your electronics cannot be repaired, you agree to promptly ask and pay all shipping and insurance costs for its return to you. The equipment will not be returned until such costs are paid.

2. Refusal of Repairs – If you decline to proceed with the equipment repairs estimated and recommended by Diagnostic Imaging Systems within 90 days from the time its diagnosis is made known to you, you agree to request and promptly pay all diagnostic and shipping costs for its return to you. The equipment will not be returned until such request and costs are paid.
3. Non-Payment of Repairs – If upon repairs or repair estimates, diagnostic fees apply, you do not request and invoice or send payment or your credit card is declined AND you do not make contact or send payment by other means, your equipment will be considered Abandoned Property 90 days after the repair or repair estimates, diagnostic fees apply.

4. Abandoned Property – If upon a reasonable waiting period: A.) you fail to pay for repairs or diagnostic fees that Diagnostic Imaging Systems makes to your equipment; or B.) you fail to pay shipping costs for your equipment’s return when it is deemed not repairable; or C.) you refuse repair of your equipment and do not request or pay estimate and shipping costs for its return; your equipment will be considered to be abandoned property 90 days after the costs occurrence.

5. Credit Card “charge-backs” – Any charged back payments will require Cashier’s Check or Money Order as subsequent payment.
If your equipment has become abandoned property, Diagnostic Imaging Systems is no longer responsible for its reasonable care or storage and may dispose of it in order to satisfy the unpaid debt. If Diagnostic Imaging Systems retains that property beyond 90 days, a storage fee of $20.00 per day will be imposed beginning with the date of receipt of the equipment and continuing until all fees are paid. Upon passage of 90 days and greater, Diagnostic Imaging Systems may sell or otherwise dispose of the abandoned property in any manner deemed suitable.


$10.00 Minimum Order
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Freight F.O.B. origin. (Paid by DIS and added to your order)
Stock items shipped same day.
We ship UPS Ground whenever possible.
Customer Responsible For Freight On Warranty Parts and all returns.
Call for Shipping Information

Our policy is to keep prices firm between catalog printings.
We do reserve the right to change prices or discontinue products without notice.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
DIS prides itself on providing quality products warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Any product shown to be defective at the time DIS sold it, will be promptly replaced. DIS will not assume liability for injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential of any kind from the use of DIS products.

Contact the DIS Sales or Service department for return authorization form within 10 days of receipt of product.
Returns must be received in resellable condition; film boxes must be unopened.
Authorized returns for products ordered in error are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
Returns must be shipped freight prepaid.

Sample Loaners:
A variety of free film samples available through our customer service dept.

Loaner Portable X-Ray Units available on request/Minimal Fee F.O.B. DIS

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