Digital Dental X-ray

Intra-oral radiographs are an important diagnostic tool any Veterinarian. Diagnostic Imaging Systems has the latest Digital Dental X-ray Systems available. The Digital Dental X-ray systems offered by DIS are more accurate than film-based systems and are faster and easier to use. There is no more wasting time with chemicals and film developing, your images are able to be viewed immediately.

Z70 Wizard dental xray unit

XZeal Z70 Wizard Dental X-Ray Veterinary Unit

The Z70 Wizard provides clear radiographs with reduced times of exposure all with value pricing. The tube head is 70 kVp and 8 mA. Greater power than most of the competition.

ImageVet 4g

ImageWorks ImageVet 4G Dental X-Ray Unit

The Image-Vet® 4G sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography. It’s the perfect choice for seamless integration with EVA-Vet Digital Dental Sensors.

imagevet dc

ImageWorks ImageVet DC Dental X-Ray Unit

ImageWorks debuts its version of DC technology, offering outstanding image quality by means of a 12” embedded collimation and constant potential high frequency generator.

aribex nomad pro 2

Aribex Nomad Pro 2 Digital Dental X-Ray Generator

The speed, convenience, and quality of the NOMAD Pro Veterinary Handheld X-ray System will change and improve the way you practice veterinary medicine.

evavet digital dental sensor

ImageWorks Eva-Vet Digital Dental Sensors

EVA Vet, which produces high resolution, diagnostic-quality images, has now been enhanced to accommodate some of the challenges faced by veterinarians.

supervista intraoral camera

ImageWorks SuperVista Intraoral Camera

Take dental diagnostics to the next level with ImageWorks Veterinary’s SuperVista intraoral camera with superior image quality!