Radiation Protection

Radiation protection is essential for protecting you, your staff and your patients. Diagnostic Imaging Systems has made it easy for you to purchase radiation protection online. For most garment you may purchase, there are several types of lead and non-lead choices available.

  • Regular Lead (most economical choice)
  • Light-Weight Lead (more expensive that Regular Lead, but about 22% lighter in weight)
  • LMG Lead-Free (42%-45% lighter than Regular Lead, among the lightest materials available)
  • Lead on weight (over 43% lighter than regular lead)
  • Mean on protection (offers the same Pb equivalency as lead)
  • Green on the environment (lead-free means eco-friendly)

Diagnostic Imaging Systems can meet all of your radiation protection apparel needs. There are many more products available. So if you don’t see what you need, just give us a call at 1-800-346-9729.



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