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The Happy Kids-Happy Pets corner

/The Happy Kids-Happy Pets corner

happy kids happy petsGet the Happy Kids-Happy Pets info cards for your veterinary practice today.

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Caring For Your Dog
Teaches dog facts and compassionate care
Learning About Cats
Teaches cat facts and compassionate care
caring for your dogLearning About Cats

Designed for kids and animal lovers of all ages, the Happy Kids-Happy Pets “trading cards” are “written” by dogs and cats to teach children how to take care of pets, and make a difference in children’s and animals lives.

There are 2 categories of easy-to-read trading-size cards.The cards teach elementary-age children and their families compassionate care of dogs and cats, such as the importance of spay/neuter, adopting from a shelter-saving a life, not leaving a dog in a hot car, not tying a dog to a tree, Trap-Neuter-Return, proper grooming of your cat, etc.

So many people don’t know how to take care of pets. Our 200+ cards offer advice and solutions to these challenges in a fun, creative way. Help us teach children while they’re young to start making a difference!

The front of the cards has a photo of a dog or cat and the back of the card has a story lesson. Children relate well to animals and don’t feel as though they are being lectured to when the lesson comes from a pet. After purchasing our cards, the kids can go to the Happy Kids-Happy Pets website to download the free “read along” audio version recorded by children. The audio is loaded with sound effects galore!

Reasons to Buy Our Cards:
  • 50% of All Profits Go to Animal Welfare
  • The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion
  • Emphasizes the Importance of Spay/Neuter
  • Teaches About Compassionate Pet Care
  • Advice for Selecting the Best Pet for Each Family
  • Spreads the message that “Kindness is Cool!”

Here are the topics for each pack…

Caring for Your Dog

Pack #1

  1. “Shelter Dogs Need A Home!” – Adopting a dog.
  2. “Why Mutts Are Wonderful” – What mutts are and why they are cool.
  3. “Fleas, Fleas, Go Away!” – Protecting your pet from pests.
  4. “Purebred Or Mixed?” – Two types of breeds.
  5. “So You Want A Dog?” – Taking care of your dog.
  6. “Everyone Needs Space And Time” – Giving your dog attention and room to play.
  7. “Dogs’ Needs” – What a dog needs.
  8. “I’m Older Now” – Learning about senior dogs.
  9. “Waggly Tail” – A dog uses its tail to communicate.
  10. “We Don’t Get It!” – When people hurt animals.
  11. “Pick It Up” – Cleaning up after your dog.
  12. “Did I Hear the Word ‘Treat?’” – Giving your dog treats.
  13. “Too Tight?” – Making sure your dog’s collar fits.
  14. “Ouch! That Hurts!” – Being gentle with your dog.

Pack #2

  1. “Spay and Neuter” – Why these operations are important.
  2. “We Love To Socialize” – Pet play-dates.
  3. “Help, I’m Lost And Can’t Find My Way Home” – ID tags and microchips can help.
  4. “Shhh!” – Teaching a dog to speak softly.
  5. “We Eat When We’re Hungry” – Feeding your dog.
  6. “Two Is Better Than One” – Adopting another pet.
  7. “It’s Cold Outside” – Keeping a dog warm in the winter.
  8. “Betty Lou Says, ‘Keep Me Warm and Cozy’” – Special clothes for dogs.
  9. “Max and Me” – Meeting other dogs.
  10. “Don’t Leave Me Tied Up!” – The trouble with tying your dog up outside.
  11. “I Hear Ya’!” – How noises affect dogs’ ears.
  12. “How Hot Is It?” – Never leave a dog locked in a car alone.
  13. “Something To Chew On” – Giving your furry friend things to chew on.
  14. “Blind and Full of Love” – Caring for blind dogs.

Pack # 3

  1. “Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long” – Letting your dog out often.
  2.  “Antifreeze” – Keeping your dog away from this poisonous treat.
  3. “No Bones About It!” – The right kind of bones are great.
  4. “Don’t Stop at The Nose” – Watching to see if your dog is healthy.
  5. “Betty Lou Says, ‘I Do Love My Comfort’” – Finding a comfy bed.
  6. “No Teasing Please” – Don’t tease your dog while it eats.
  7. “When The New Baby Comes Home…” – Telling your dog about a new family member.
  8. “When Walks Are Not Enough” – High-energy dogs.
  9. “Small Dogs” – Small dogs can be fragile.
  10. “When A New Pet Arrives…” – Helping your dog get to know their new friend.
  11. “Know Your Limits” – Each dog needs the right amount of exercise.
  12. “Do Unto Other Dogs…” – Treating dogs well so they become well behaved.
  13. “Get the Right Dog” – Not every dog belongs with every family.
  14. “Different Weather” – How your environment can affect your dog.

Pack #4

  1. “Ask My Vet” – When you don’t know what to do, ask for help.
  2. “No More Unwanted Puppies!” – Helping end puppy mills.
  3. “A Safe Walk” – Watching your dog while you walk.
  4. “I Can Get Really Sick” – Some things are poisonous to dogs.
  5. “Allergies” – Dogs can have allergies too.
  6. “Check The Concrete” – Hot pavement can hurt dogs.
  7. “Rescue Groups” – There are all kinds of rescue groups for dogs.
  8. “Fostering” – Dogs can be fostered.
  9. “Be Nice To Bugs” – Letting bugs mind their own business.
  10. “On Being Thankful” – Being thankful, even if you are a dog.
  11. “Train Your Dog To Be Nice” – Some people train dogs to be mean; train yours right.
  12. “Visit Our Website”
  13. “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”
  14. “Theme song words”
Learning About Cats 

Pack #1

  1. “Grooming 101 – Getting Started” – How to groom your cat.
  2. “Grooming 101 – Hair” – How to care for your cat’s hair.
  3. “Grooming 101 – Ears” – Caring for your cat’s ears.
  4. “Grooming 101 – Nails” – Nail care for your cat.
  5. “Grooming 101 – Teeth” – How to care for your cat’s teeth.
  6. “Hairballs” – The what, how, and why of hairballs.
  7. “Allergies” – People can be allergic to cats.
  8. “Purr-r-r-r-ring” – All about purring.
  9. “Meowing” – How your cat talks.
  10. “Scratching” – All about one of cats’ favorite pastimes.
  11. “Cat Nap” – Sleep is important for cats.
  12. “Whiskers” – What is the point of whiskers?
  13. “Tail Talk” – Learn how cats talk with their tails.
  14. “Catnip” – A favorite treat of cats.

Pack #2

  1. “Traveling With a Cat” – How to travel with your furry friend.
  2. “When a Cat’s Gotta Go…” – Litter boxes can be very useful.
  3. “What’s for Dinner” – What kind of foods to feed your cat.
  4. “Indoor Cats” – When cats live indoors.
  5. “Older Kitties” – How older cats often behave, and how to help them.
  6. “Shelter Cats” – Shelters are wonderful places to find a new friend.
  7. “What Do Spay and Neuter Mean?” – What these mean and why they are important.
  8. “What Are Feral Cats?” – What they are and how you can help them.
  9. “Fewer Kittens Being Born” – How Trap-Neuter-Return helps feral cats.
  10. “Black Cats” – These cats aren’t really bad luck.
  11. “Tortoiseshell Cat” – These cats come in many colors.
  12. “Calico Cat” – All about these cats’ color and personality.
  13. “Tuxedo Cat” – These kitties are all dressed up.
  14. “Tabby Cat” – A very popular color, but not a breed.

Pack #3

  1. “Mitten Cats” – Extra toes make this kind of cat special.
  2. “Domestic Longhair” – One of the “mutts” of the cat world.
  3. “Domestic Shorthair” – These cats come in every color.
  4. “Purebred Cat Rescue Groups” – Know what kind of cat you want? These groups can help!
  5. “Siamese” – This breed of cat has a distinct personality.
  6. “Persian” – A very popular cat breed.
  7. “Abyssinian” – All about this breed of cat.
  8. “Himalayan” – These long-haired cats are a mix of Persian and Siamese.
  9. “Egyptian Mau” – One of the oldest breeds in the world.
  10. “Exotic Shorthair” – Half Persian and half American Shorthair.
  11. “Maine Coon” – This breed is known for seeming to be almost part raccoon.
  12. “American Shorthair” – An average cat.
  13. “Bengal Cat” – This active cat can make a good friend.
  14. “Snowshoe Siamese” – A cuddly friend can be found with this cat.

Pack #4

  1. “Wise Cat Says… ‘We’re the Same” – Unique and the same all at once.
  2. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Do You Get Nervous?’” – When children are nervous before a test.
  3. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Want to Belong?’” – Don’t go along just to get along.
  4. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Just Practice’” – Practice makes perfect.
  5. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Different Is OK’” – Differences can be good.
  6. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Be Your Own Person’” – Be yourself.
  7. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Be Cautious Around Strangers’” – Watch out for stranger danger.
  8. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Be Nice’” – Even if others are being mean, choose to be kind.
  9. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Make Their Day!’” – Share some kindness.
  10. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Time to Tell’” – When secrets can hurt you.
  11. “Wise Cat Says… ‘Sticks and Stones’” – Words can hurt.
  12.  “Wise Cat Says…’Visit Our Website”
  13.  “Guten Tag, Danke! (What??)
  14.   “Theme Song Words”

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